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Pub Poetry – comic spoken word joy – Tuesday 24th September 2013

Open Mic Poetry Karaoke

A fun, free and informal night of lighthearted and downright comic spoken word and poetry in pubs with Real Ale: without beer, literature is nothing.


Bring your own poems, short stories, songs – whatever you have, as long as it involves words and might be funny. If you don’t want to read your own, bring someone else’s. Or you can just come and listen, have a drink and a giggle and meet some new folk.

There’s beer, there’s spoken word and there will be a limerick competition.

No need to book a slot in advance (it’s much more casual than that!), but if you’d like to contact us beforehand, feel free to email Nick at

So far we believe we will have pirate stories, improvised beat poetry, maybe a song or two and fine, funny poets. Join us!

Starts at 8pm with periods of reading, drinking and writing limericks. All jolly good fun. See you there!

We’ll have some poetry books lying around, so if the urge takes you…

Price: FREE

at The Canalhouse, Canal Street, Nottingham NG1 7EH

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