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The Pirate Coves LIVE


September 27th, 2012. Twas a magnificent night of music, tales and technological horror. A horror that flowed not just through the sound deck of impossibility but into the ears of the microphones and the eyes of the camera. In consequence, I’ve mainly audio of a size so vast that I cannot place it anywhere.

And so we’ve none of the sound for the three tales I opened the evenin’ with (though me gestures’re charming and I could dub it poorly), and in matchin’ fashion none of the video (save the side of Misk Hills’ face) for the last hour when the lads and lass were forced to descend unto the punters for the unamplified making of music. Never mind…

The lovely folk of The Golden Fleece were most accommodating and we drank much of their beer.

A Mermaid’s Fishiness

Avast! I have however sliced out this snippet of the Mermaid’s Tale and present it to ye in a format visual:

Misk Hills & Minin’ Bill Kerry

Here be a longer segment featuring Kazoo madness with the Misk Hills Mountain Rambler and Minin’ Bill Kerry III and another yarn, though I fear I’ve broken me internet by uploading it. Gaargh. The audio’s all too huge (for Reverbnation) and beautiful and I’ve about an hour of the wonders which The DH Lawrence & Vaudeville Skiffle Show brought to the proceedings. I’ll be having a thunk about how to make that fit in ye computerised ears. If ye have any suggestions me one good ear lies ajar.

Want Ye To Listen More?

For now though I urge ye to seek out me wondrous musical compatriots and show ’em ye full love:


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