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Pulp Pirate 21 – FC 96 Fish Ships Out

Flash Cast 96 – Fish Ships Out

Boom, three in a row. That rounds off my three parter with Alex Trepan in ‘Midnight Shopping’  – Jam & The Maiden.  I don’t think it’s the best of the chapters I’ve recorded. For some reason there seems to be more echo and stuff in the track. Annoying. Never mind! People have said nice things about the series, for which I’m grateful (thanks Rich!) I shall have to record some more.

This week has much of the usual fun banter between the Skinner Co execs as well as another great comic review from Hugh at the Way of The Buffalo podcast and one of Jay’s multiple personality audio book reviews. There’s also the last Three Day Fish film review for a while as Fish is joining the infantry. I don’t really understand why, and he seems less than thrilled, but I hope he battles through (no pun intended) and gets satisfaction from it.

Listen to it now: 


FC94 – including Alex Trepan in Midnight Shopping part 1
FC95 – including Alex Trepan in Midnight Shopping  part 2

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