Interrobang – Improv Comedy Workshop in Derby Sat 19 April 2014

Tonight we do Derby! Actually, I do Derby all day today: BBC Radio Derby at about 10.15, then Knickerbocker Glorious from 11 till 3 in the Market Square, and then interrobang at 7.30. I am Derby.

Improvised Comedy Theatre Nottingham

Bringing Improv Comedy To Derby

This Saturday we’re defying the gods of fire who rained destruction on the Assembly Rooms last month (they had to cancel the gig and everything) – we’re bringing an introductory crash course in improved comedy to Derby instead.

Based in the Club Rooms (in the arches of the Guildhall Theatre) we’ll be teaching the basic techniques and ideas that make improvisation such enormous fun and such a great tool for any creative activity. This is for anyone from beginners to people who have never heard of improv and to those wishing to brush up on some old skills.


Nick and Parky will guide you through games and exercises that bring out the best in everyone in an informal, supportive and fun environment. This workshop is ideal for anyone with even the slightest interest in how to make things up, make people laugh (including yourself) or learn a…

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