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Comixology – freebie bargain

Comics Improved

I’ve been a lover of Comixology for a few years now, for lots of reasons. One, digital comics are cheaper than paper, and take up less space (take note big publishers who use Kindle – it should be cheaper to get digital versions of books!). It also means I don’t have to go to a comic shop / leave the house. And I can tote them around with me everywhere. The whole panel swipe process for reading them has completely changed my enjoyment of comics since I can’t accidentally skip to the bottom of the page, and I enjoy them more. I’ve been collecting Transformers obsessively on the app, as well as Atomic Robo and whatever else takes my fancy.

Bargain Watch

Comixology bargainThe only reason I mention it today is that Comixology have an insane deal to celebrate one year of their Comixology Submit thing where you can submit your own comics for digital publishing (netting 50% of the profits if they accept it). It’s not part of the site I’d been especially aware of, though it does sound pretty cool. Anyhoo – they’ve got 100 comics for $9.99, which is a pitiful £6 or so.

There’s a tonne of the expected issue 1s to get you hooked on something, but it’s a very diverse range of comics and there’s at least twenty whole volume collections or stand alone graphic novels. I barely even hesitated… I probably won’t even download half of them but a good complete story will satisfy me enormously.

Give ’em a whirl… available until tomorrow.

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