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This week, Monday 27th April 2014

Time Slips

How Last Week FeltI missed a week. I know, I am a dreadful person both inside and out. That’s sort of why I missed a week. I’m not great at balancing life’s stresses and excitements and y’know, sometimes they can tip me over. Like off a cliff. I’ve been over-stretching myself (to no visible creative effect) and had myself a mini crash. So – a week and a bit to do as little as humanly possible and I can return (more or less) to the normal order of things. I’ve had some rare nights in, skipped some regular events and caught up a bit of sleep, allowing the stretched bubble gum of my brain to snap back into its cratered bottle.

BBC Radio Derby 26-04-14
Me and Matt McGuinness looking old next to Amy and Lily – @amyandlily1

Obviously when I say do nothing… I meant do slightly less. So the Saturday before last I hung out in Derby all day: first up a quickie about improv on BBC Radio Derby with Mr Matt McGuinness and frighteningly young and talented Amy and Lily. Then more quality Knickerbocker Glorious action and finally hit the pubs of Derby with Parky. An excellent day. I couldn’t avoid some further insanity the week after, but I’ve rebounded more effectively. The picture above falsely represents well how I felt at times in the last fortnight. In reality it’s me loving the 10 seconds of sun we got in Derby whenever the Derby Rock and Pop Choir were doing their thing.

Vikings Live

Last Thursday we went out with our dear Doctor Martin to go and actually learn something. Brilliantly he’s recently been involved with the British Museum who have published his book Runes. It’s all for their massive new exhibit Vikings Live. On Thursday they took the country on a tour of it in a live feed to the cinemas. Martin’s one of a panel of experts talking about Vikingy things. That certainly justified food and mangaritas (it’s the masculine version of a margarita – it comes in a different shape glass) straight after work before hitting up the big screen. I go to the cinema a lot, but this was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had. Partly it was the wonderful count down to the live broadcast. Partly it was the insanely enthusiastic presenters and experts. Man – Vikings! I discovered that all I really remembered from school was that Vikings were from Scandinavia, and that they’d made it to North America. The range of artifacts and exhibits really fleshes out my paltry educational recollection. And – Dr Findell and his colleagues were a genuine delight to see. There were numerous amusements from it being live as well – the guy wandering into shot, the ominous black helicopters circling before the live burial ceremony, the hilarious unintentional out of shot sex-noises of latex gloves being squeaked into while we see a gorgeous bit of loot… Well worthwhile. Luckily it’s being encored (I’m sure that’s a verb) on Monday 9th June – check it out. [youtube]

MissImp in Action

Of late I’ve been feeling the strain of aiming for grounded in improv. It’s an excellent thing to strive for, it brings emotion to the fore and allows focus on character. But… I like the explosively weird situations, places and characters. I just do. And I’ve missed it – I’ve not felt free to get into that space on stage. Yeah, well we sorted that shit on Friday alright. Straight from the beginning we got weird, dedicated and committed. We had a great show at The Glee Club – me, Marilyn, David, Martin, Amy and Colin. A hundred minutes of people trying to burn away the sea, wreck charities, spin Die Hard into Shakespeare, laugh, mock and revel in the dark stuff. It made me deeply happy. We also saw a few friends there we have missed recently, and went drinking. Yay. Speaking of improv, me and Parky are joining The Same Faces mob this Saturday at The Criterion in Leicester. Should be good fun (again)! Here’s a scene from last time: [youtube]


Last Week’s Scribbles

This week, Monday 14th April 2014

Book Review: Combat Camera by Christian Hill (2014)

Events and Excitement

Saturday 3rd May 2014

The Same Faces – Improvised Comedy

The Same Faces More fabulous improvised comedy from the Same Faces! With Mike Brown off on tour, remaining regulars TOM YOUNG and ALLAN SMITH will be joined by their talented friends (me! and Parky!) from across the country, as we provide you with some top quality, hilarious improv. The Criterion 44 Millstone Lane Leicester 8.30pm – £4

Thursday 8th May 2014

Gorilla Burger – Improv Comedy Carnage

Gorilla Burger2_SQ_SM Jam show – a chance for anyone to get on stage and have a go at improv games and scenes for the first time, or the fiftieth! The Corner 8 Stoney Street (off Broad Street) Nottingham 7.30pm – £4 Bring Your Own Drinks

Saturday 10th May 2014

Interrobang – Improv Comedy Crash Course

image With our venue sadly still ruined by fire, instead we’re running this workshop to introduce participants to improvised comedy in a fun and friendly setting. Then get ready for Interrobang the show in June! Proudly presented by Furthest From The Sea and Derby Live. The Guildhall Theatre Clubrooms Get Tickets NowCathedral Quarter Derby 7.30pm – £5

Saturday 17th May 2014

Pulling Your Cosmic Trigger

Pulling Your Cosmic TriggerSpoken Word – Performance – Comedy – DJ featuring:

  • DAISY ERIS CAMPBELL Adapting Illuminatus author Robert Anton Wilson‘s cult autobiography for the stage
  • JOHN HIGGS Author of The KLF: Chaos, Magic, and the Band Who Burned A Million Pounds
  • ADRIAN REYNOLDS Press When Illuminated – magic, madness, medicine and mesmerism
  • ANNA REYNOLDS A Modern Fairy Tale presented by the Storyteller and Performance Coach
  • MISSIMP Improv Comedy Nottingham

The Corner 8 Stoney Street (off Broad Street) Nottingham from 5.00pm – £5 (suggested donation)

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