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Lego Blog: Gingerbread “Winter Village” Toy Shop

The Times They Are A’Changing

A quote from a song to begin with. Probably. I only associate the song with that amazing opening sequence of WatchmenAnyway – for last Christmas we couldn’t afford to buy Lego’s Winter Village Toy Shop 10199, so I built our own with Brickset’s helpful instructions. Obviously I ran out of key bricks and had to improvise a bit. It turned out right nice. I’ve been reluctant to dismantle it because it made me so happy. But I did want to do something with it, so I updated it for the change of seasons – not that you can tell it’s going from Winter to Spring to Summer in England, but I can read a calendar.

As ever, the simplest of plans got absurdly complicated because of the um, challenging solutions I’d found to the roof in the first place.

Picture Time

Here’s what it would have looked like if I’d actually ponied up for the set:

Here’s how it looked at Christmas:


And here’s how it looks after being neatened up for Spring!


We Make Our Own Damned Beds

As you can see, I got a bit carried away. Originally I was just going to take the snow off the roof. Clearly that involved making a new, identical roof out of brown Lego, and I just kept adding on to it. It’s impossible to photograph but I ended up re-engineering the main roof’s join to the building. That was after I pressed down too hard and exploded the whole model across the floor. Twice.

In great unhappiness I seized the “opportunity” to change the windowsills, window frames, left side of the building, do a colour swap for the garret, rebuild the chimney (and add smoke!), change the windows and make an even fancier roof. There are lots of tiny changes I can’t even remember anymore.

I think I like this version even more. As before, a lot of the changes were driven by lacking the exact same bricks I’d used before. It makes for an interesting constraint. It’s possible that my favourite thing is the smoke.

I wonder what the next set of changes will be (assuming I smash the thing by accident again)…







You can see the whole lot and compare and contrast for yourself on Flickr.

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