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This week, Monday 3rd March 2014

Why So Quiet This Week?

Hideously I feel it is the result of a soul-deep weariness and hyperbole. I am a bit worn – last week was pretty busy and had a perhaps excessively fun weekend. Thus I must sleep. I am not, of course, managing to sleep though. I’m getting tired of blaming it on work, but my brain is totally fried from focussing intently on spreadsheets and IF statements. It’s leaving precious little space in my fragile noggin for more highly-prized creativity.

I’m spending my free time happily burrowed in books and Lego, which are naturally easier since they just get sucked into the mental vacuum; writing demands more than a hole to build with. I’ve also taken great pleasure at being sat upon by our Pickle-Moose.



The Winter Village Toy Shop is still getting a damn good seeing to as I continually tamper with it. It’s possible that I have finished tampering with the design since it’s achieved a rather charming gingerbread house quality. Most recently I added a smoking chimney.

I’ve also been playing with the gate I assembled after Christmas, which has been sitting on the shelf, bereft of framing or place. I thought it would be a good time to experiment a bit with one of the most highly rated of all Lego bricks – the hinge. It’s been used in some of my favourite Lego sets of the last few years – the Colby City Showdown and the LoTR Attack on Weathertop to produce the nicely shaped buildings. Obviously I hadn’t thought that far ahead, but figured it would be simple enough to add forward-facing walls on either side. It has not proven that simple… Due to the plates I chose (for aesthetics) I’ve been forced into weird building choices to join them all together. However it’s turned out rather nicely and I’m content that you can’t see how badly mismatched the build really is.


Also – I continue to taunt myself with the shelf of unopened bargain Lego sets. It warms my face in passing. I did build the Gollum set and he is a truly upsetting minifig. Very, very upsetting indeed. The stud on his spine suggests I should incorporate him in a building but I can hardly bear to look at him. Also exciting – I may be getting a chance to test out one of the new Lego Movie giant stacking brick boxes! Stay tuned for more Lego spaffing.

♥ Last Week’s Scribbles

Incredibly I did done do writing last week too! It really helped that I had a meeting in London and so acquired four hours of pure writing time on the train. It wasn’t all used well… it was too early for one thing and London just stains my soul. But, I got the next chapter of The Desert Crystals done, a long blog post about improv and stammering and even started a new Captain Pigheart story! Obviously I’ve failed to capitalise on this progress as it’s now Thursday…

This week, Monday 24th February 2014  – mainly the joys of Lego…

Cinema Trailers… why?  – I just don’t get what these advertising people want from me, or why they make such stupid adverts.

The Desert Crystals: part 27 – Fragile Things – one of my favourite chapters so far, the ways of death in the desert.

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