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This Week, Monday 12 May 2014

Run Away!

ButcherYup, that’s my plan this week. I’m pushing outside of my own comfort levels by some considerable distance and am having a few days away in Amsterdam on my own. So I’ve no idea if I’m going to be posting anything much this week. If I get my act together you might get some random updates on spots of outstanding Netherlandish intriguement. Or you might get a dizzying silence… I’ve got some pretty exciting (and geeky) events lined up for myself. Excited/terrified.

This last week we’ve been working on relaxing and doing as little as possible. I’ve even been back to the doc’s! I recognise that I’m teetering on the verge of breaking quite badly so I’ve got some daytime anti-anxiety stuff as well now. It’s taking a bit of getting used to, but I think it’s going to help. Unbelieveably last week was only four working days but I packed a fucktonne of work and frustration into it.

Events of Coolness


We were rewarded with Gorilla Burger which was just as much fun as usual. I’m really enjoying being the master of the chaos and compereing it. I can sort of see how much fun it must have been for Clive Anderson in Whose Line? Nice to see the expanded Fisticuffs universe bringing some strangeness to their monoscenes, with a scene set in a revolutionary Russian cafe. Splendid.

Brickish Weekend

On Sunday we (the Nottingham Legonauts – as I’ve decided we ought to be called) trekked over to the National Space Centre in Leicester to see the Brickish weekend’s display amongst the cosmonaut clutter. The Space Centre itself was good as well – they’ve got some excellent hunks of metal and suits. We watched a short film about the potential for alien life in the Patrick Moore Planetarium (and avoided having some kind of hideous anxiety attack) which was very cool – infinitely better than 3D cinema in my opinion. There’s a baffling timeline running around much of the exhibit tracking influential events such as the rise of Nazism and the invention of the Slinky. Weird. We were captivated by an hilariously narrated Soviet perspective video which we watched sitting at a circular table in a red tent. The plight of the poor animals we dumped into space has probably scarred us all.

It was the Lego we were really there for though. Sooo much awesome. My camera is terrible so I haven’t taken any pictures and I’ll have to wait for one of the gang to upload some shots for me to steal. Along with a massive Westminster Abbey build they had a wonderful range of the Brickish Association’s models. I loved the Stingray and Terrahawks designs, partly because of how much I loved those shows. I hadn’t previously noticed how much the Zeroids resembled the Telstar satellite, or that the satellite was clearly the inspiration for the Death Star. I acquired a few bobs and bits of Lego from the MiniFigForLife stall that looked very handy – I fell in love with the door arches I first saw in the Hobbit Lake Town set.


I accidentally stumbled into a room filled with fantastic Lego Space stuff and realised I’d seen half the stuff on Flickr and across the web. Much of it is the stunning work of LegoLoverMan (Peter Reid) and Rogue Bantha (Tim Goddard). Peter’s the creator of the soon-to-be-released Lego Cusoo Exosuit model, and the pair have both contributed to official Lego inspiration books. Lego Space (and Blacktron) are the stuff I adored when I was little and it’s thrilling to see it still being made. I couldn’t help myself but buy their gorgeous book Lego Space: Building The Future . I’ll review it properly when I’ve read it. It was really nice to meet them both, they and their team are brilliant and very friendly. I was excited to be dragged back in to watch them take long exposure shots of their spacey wonders!

Lego SpaceOh, and because we opted to chip in via Gift Aid when buying our tickets we were automatically upgraded to annual passes – it’s great when you’re unexpectedly rewarded just for doing something nice.

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Events and Excitement

Saturday 17th May 2014

Pulling Your Cosmic Trigger

Pulling Your Cosmic TriggerSpoken Word – Performance – Comedy – DJ featuring:

  • DAISY ERIS CAMPBELL Adapting Illuminatus author Robert Anton Wilson‘s cult autobiography for the stage
  • JOHN HIGGS Author of The KLF: Chaos, Magic, and the Band Who Burned A Million Pounds
  • ADRIAN REYNOLDS Press When Illuminated – magic, madness, medicine and mesmerism
  • ANNA REYNOLDS A Modern Fairy Tale presented by the Storyteller and Performance Coach
  • MISSIMP Improv Comedy Nottingham

The Corner
8 Stoney Street
(off Broad Street)
Nottingham from 5.00pm – £5 (suggested donation)


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