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This Week, Monday 19 May 2014

Back In The (Robin) Hood

AmsterdamOoosh, what a lovely week. Sure, Monday was kinda manic, and I won’t know until I return to work whether any of it actually paid off! However, it is only now that work is even returning to my mind. I spent most of last week in Amsterdam, a place famed for stripping the mind of thought while simultaneously offering diverse amusements, both frivolous and educational. It has been great.

I seemed to find a measure of peace and internal quiet just from continuously walking around the city. For a smallish city I’ve laid down a lot of shoe rubber. I think it’s done what I wanted, which was to empty my brain. It’s also been a useful time to get used to my new daytime medication regime. I’m still trying to write up the stuff I did while I was in Amsterdam, but for now I’ve only got Day One…

Busy First Day Back

Derbyshire Food & Drink Fair

I’d completely forgotten about the events on Saturday. I only realised I was going to be at Elvaston Castle when I read an email from Furthest From The Sea on Friday morning. I briefly panicked, then had some beer. It meant I’d have to get up at about 6.30 so that I could get a lift from Derby at 8. I’m glad I did! It was another gloriously sunny day, which meant I wanted to hide in the shade. We had an excellent day with lovely thousands of people to amuse and entertain. As ever, the gang had laid out a wide range of acts, from the combined Derby Rock Choir through to Gardina and the Derby Capoeira Group. It were a grand day out. And we were surrounded by food. I brought a bagful of beer home.

Pulling Your Cosmic Trigger

We’d been asked to join in for the Discordian chaos, so we did. We opened the show with an Unspeakable Act based on the most recent The Manchurian Candidate. We swiftly diverged from the original plot, as you would hope. It went down well, and it was lots of fun having tiny candy cigarettes with tiny chainsaws in them. That was followed up with a series of talks by Adrian Reynolds, Anna Reynolds, Daisy Campell and John Higgs, all representing different facets of Robert Anton Wilson‘s bonkers Illuminatus legacy. It was fun, thought provoking and a decidedly odd way to spend a Saturday night. The crowdfunding for Daisy’s play Cosmic Trigger kicks off on 23rd May. Find out more here: Cosmic Trigger

Last Week’s Scribbles

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