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Lego Blog: CrazyBricks Skulltron

Custom Lego Awesome

I got my skulls in the post a couple of weeks ago. Cruelly I’ve been too busy to take proper pleasure in ’em. It’s another Kickstarter reward from CrazyBricks / V&A Steamworks, the man (I mean the MAN Guy Himber). Pigs vs Cows was the first project I backed on Kickstarter and the outcome was so cool I cheerfully gave him money on day one of Skulls. The new project is Munchkin bricks, which funded on day one and is now charging through stretch goals like a crazed AFOL in a jumble sale.

I’ve really enjoyed feeling like I’m part of a project and have contributed to something small, intricate and obscure. Admittedly I haven’t gotten around to doing much with the output but I am a terrible hoarder and gatherer of things. Having these delightful items in a box is still satisfying for me. I don’t even know what the Munchkin card game is but the tiny Lego scale helmets, books and Cthulhu are splendid. If you feel like getting some extraordinary limited edition Lego stuff, you should back away.

No, wait – back it.


The reward I got was a set of white and a set of transparent skulls – two sizes of whole skull, skulls with a stud for hat wearing skeletons, a dinky skull (without jaw), plus a white and transparent surprise V For Vendetta mask! And two mini crates covered in skulls. And a sticker!

Blacktron is fondly remembered from the Classic Lego Space era and I’ve still got the sets. Skulltron seemed the obvious conclusion. It’s taken me a little while to find some black dwarf/child/Hobbit legs (thank you Mirkwood Spiders) and the kiddie Blacktron is the pleasantly disturbing result. They’re a family!


I’m keen to do some spacey stuff now. Despite spaceships being my favourite thing to build as a child it’s taken the inspiration of the Lego Space book (and these skulls) to get me excited about space again. I have plans. Evil cackle.        

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