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Lego Blog: Minifigures – The Three Oddnesses

The Three OddnessesThe Sound Of Adults Giggling

Of the many wondrous things at the Lego Shop is the build your own minifigure heap in the middle of the store. We spend most our extended visits clustered tightly around the boxes, rooting about and giggling. Partly it’s the delight of matching / mismatching heads and bodies, but also the fun of delving deep into a pit of accessories, hair and hats. The main contest is to find the coolest bits. I’m always especially keen on things I don’t have, and I’ve an unintentional obsession with prosthetic limbs.

It’s just like all those card books we had as kids where you could swap the head, bodies and legs to hilarious effect. Lego’s a million times better. To demonstrate that I found the most unusual body and leg combinations I could. The results are marvellous.

Count Sossiford

I’ve got a fondness for the aged faces Lego have been bringing out for the Ninjago ranges, and I’m pretty sure that’s where the Count’s head comes from. The hair is nice, and I’m sure I’ve seen it before. It is one of those that fixes rigidly over the body so you can’t really adjust the face without hiding it.

The body is of course Luke Skywalker’s award ceremony jacket from the end of Star Wars (found on the Star Wars Visual Dictionary). There were loads of them so maybe they were breaking down a bunch of remaindered copies. Either way – ta.

As I said, I cannot resist a good peg leg and a metal one’s even better. I first saw these on the natty hunting gent in the Monster Fighters Vampyre’s Hearse 9464 set. I’ve got a few of them now, and I love them very much. I may have swapped it onto a different coloured pair of trousers.

Ah briefcases… one of my favourite accessories and I cannot get enough of them.

Countess Ice Cream

Gosh I love this vampire ice cream gal so much. I’m struggling to identify the hair source, but it’s a lovely pale blonde. It looks like it might be from one of the new princess sets. Either way, it’s great. I’ve matched that with a lady vampire face, and a pair of charming gold epaulettes.

The purple body is very odd, but I can’t place that either. It’s got a hint of Chima or Atlantis about it. Anyhoo, it seems to go perfectly with Princess Leia’s naked legs (from choking Jabba…)

The ice cream bricks are lovely and come in a delightful range of colours. Naturally it must be stuffed into an icecream sundae.

The Bone Knight

An accessorised piece de resistance – the new shiny chromish helmets from the Castle / Knights sets are very pretty. I chose the shiny hat over a variety of matte greys. And the new tiara fits in it too! Perfect.

The head is another of the vampire range. I can’t afford either the amazing Haunted House 10228 or the Vampyre’s Castle 9468, so I’m contenting myself with seizing their noggins elsewhere.

Damned if I can figure out where this body’s from either, but it looks knightish to me. And I found a rare cape (well rare to find them in the Lego Shop body bins anyway).

My prediliction for pegs legs is already conceded, and I was unable to resist one in silver. Finally he wraps up by toting a pair of bones taller than he is. What a dude.

A Killer Team

They work well together… sort of.


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