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This Week, Monday 28th July 2014

Running Downhill

Pretty RosesThat’s how it always feels in the run up to a little bit of time away from work. It’s my birthday next week see, so I get to not be at work for a few days. This is excellent. Work is, at present, fucking insane. As ever, too much cannot be said. However, separating a public service into part private, part public is as difficult, poorly planned and badly managed at the top as you could possibly imagine. Locally I think the work we’re doing is good (and seriously bucking the national trend), but it’s a constant struggle against systems, appalling levels of competence at the top and there being no time to actually plan anything or handle what we’ve been given. Fun!

On the plus side, last week we finally planted the beautiful roses we bought. That was almost the best thing that happened last week. Our cat’s also rather pleased because there’s now a lovely turned over and available flower bed for her private use.

Anyway, that’s the main reason why I’m days behind my plans again. Also last week, and possibly down to work pressures in part, was not a great mental health week. Regrettable, but there we go. I did spend most of last Thursday’s improv jam making loom band bracelets, having discovered I was not in a fit state to participate. Not into loom bands yet? Why, you must not be a nine year old. Well, as ever it proved addictive and several other improvisers now have their own made bracelets. Yay for organised creativity!

I had the particular joy of being in the audience for the first time during MissImp in Action at The Glee Club. I’m glad I watched – I was able to drink (heavily) and laugh all the way through it. A fine night.

Last Week’s Scribbles

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Events and Excitement

Next week (holidaaaaaay!) I get to celebrate both my birthday and sixteen years with my beloved other half. Victory!

Thursday 14th August 2014

Gorilla Burger – Improv Comedy Carnage

Gorilla Burger2_SQ_SM

Jam show – a chance for anyone to get on stage and have a go at improv games and scenes for the first time, or the fiftieth!

The Corner
8 Stoney Street
(off Broad Street)
7.30pm – £4

Bring Your Own Drinks



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