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This week, Monday 23rd July 2012

Stag Action

Ahar, tis a fractional delay in posting this week. Me apologies. Tis the result of spending all weekend engaged in stag party activity for me dinky brother. A splendid and fun weekend, with very little sleep in Cardiff.  My Dad and I took advantage of the post-hangover Sunday to visit the Doctor Who Experience!

I very much recommend it – there’s a great interactive tour at the beginning (get menaced by Daleks and Weeping Angels) followed by a happy hour wandering around staring at cool props, Tardis sets, costumes and villains. There’s a lovely range of Daleks,  including a few from the ’80s series that I don’t recall at all.

I had a marvellous time, and managed to leave the gift shop with only a few sets of badges and postcards (it was damned close though). It was a beautiful day and the Experience is in a huge warehouse building right on the edge of the bay. I imagine it’s slightly different when raining.

This weeks’s scribbles

Tuesday:  the third part of the mini-serial The Peninsula Creature. It’s all going very wrong for our mismatched heroes.

Thursday: The Lobster Adventure. Finally! A return to Captain Pigheart. This one’s been tormenting me for a while. As you might guess it features some lobsters. But not just any lobsters, oh no! These babies are bad.


I’ve started writing a follow up/prequel/something or other  to The Peninsula Creature in the mornings. I’m also ambling along steadily with the next Alex Trepan / Galaxy Team story. I think it’s going to be a detective story, likely with some new Galaxy Team characters. So long as the heat doesn’t kill me I should have either one of these or something completely different for next week.

Round Up of Last Week

17th July: The Peninsula Creature – Part 2 – a cryptozoological expedition gets into serious trouble

19th July: Cecily’s Adventure – a cellar full of monsters delay the kitchen assistant


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