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This Week, Monday 8th September 2014

S’autumn isn’t it?

I so very nearly dated this January; I am uncertain of time. When I spoke to my doctor a couple of weeks ago she asked how I’d been – I said it had been a tough winter for breathing. I was a bit confused when she pointed out that it was still August. Hmm. Possibly a confusion between birthday and Christmas – presents, drinking – all the things that make for a memorable season. Despite the perplexity I’m still bravely wearing sandals and grumbling about how damn warm it is all the time. We’ve also had a splendid array of really creepy moons over the last weekend, going from butter smudge on blue velvet to glaring silver eye through the window. I heartily approve.

It reminds me fondly of venturing across the school fields to see a friend when I was about sixteen. She was a lady friend… To whom I travelled at night, across an unlit expanse of tree and hill bordered grass – entered through a darkling cluster of bushes and then traversed in a variety of speeds, dependent on just how damn scary it was out there. In all the times I went over I never saw another person. It was disturbingly hushed, protected by whatever human sounds of cars by its borders. Streetlights glowed distantly through the trees at start and end, but the space between were shades of black, grey, desaturated green and blue. The moon would flip it from mildly unnerving to a werewolf pelt across the fields. I’ve rarely scared myself so often or so well. Worst was knowing I’d be coming back in a few hours… Ah fond memories! Hello Jo!

Media Intake

So where the devil have I been eh? Getting properly square-eyed that’s where. Yup, my retreat from the real world into the twin obtangles of cinema and television have rarely been so pleasing. I blame Netflix. Damn Netflix.

I’ve already lost track of what I’ve watched. I really enjoyed my Nazi afternoon of Iron Sky and Captain America: The First Avenger and it was only the beginning… film double-bills instantly seem like a good idea. Thor was a decent second watch but I’m disappointed to discover that Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon is terrible. It’s possible my critical filter is completely overwhelmed by giant robots when I see them at the cinema. On a second viewing the truth has emerged and it is not cheering – everything about it was terrible. Orange boy and his new stilted lady friend are just awful throughout, and even the surprising cast list just ends up shouting. While Bay is content to kill off main characters (the Transformers themselves goddammit) left right and centre he cannot bear to part with his appalling cast, dragging them back from films past and lumbering them with new formerly quality actors. It made me sad. It also ends with Prime more or less swearing he’ll protect humans forever. In the next film he goes out of his way to kill one and to generally wreak havoc. I am saddened.

We’ve just started back in on Dexter season seven – after the hilarious revelation ending to season six we’ve waited for quite a while. It’s proving to be a very welcome return. We wrapped up season one of Grimm, and we’ll be coming back – not just for the lovely architecture and creepy Oregon (it’s where the Transformers crash land in the Ark…) forests but for the increasingly engaging story arc that’s developing. I’m pleased Nick’s getting a team of Buffy-like pals together. The bad guys are properly mean, the effects are cheap and cheerful and the scraps are quite deft. There’s tonnes of fun to be had in Grimm’s Fairy Tales and they’re milking it quite hard already – as far as I can tell about a quarter of the human population are actually beasties who describe themselves with terrible German accents.


The best thing to do when someone else is watching TV is of course to play with Lego… I am unpopular but have very much enjoyed my Lego tinkering of late. It remains enormously relaxing and with the new series of Mixels out it has been especially delightful! We haven’t got them all yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Here’s a quartet of the bonkers looking buddies:

Why yes, those are starfish for his hands.
Why yes, those are starfish for his hands.
Yup, witches hat eyelids.
Yup, witches hat eyelids.


Plus we’re agitatedly awaiting the arrival of the new series of minifigures. I think Marilyn’s going (unjustly) kill me if we can’t find them soon.

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Events and Excitement

Thursday 11th September 2014

Gorilla Burger – Improv Comedy Carnage

Gorilla Burger2_SQ_SM Jam show – a chance for anyone to get on stage and have a go at improv games and scenes for the first time, or the fiftieth!
The Corner
8 Stoney Street
(off Broad Street)
7.30pm – £4
Bring Your Own Drinks

Saturday 13th September 2014

The Opening of St Peters Cross

Furthest From The SeaLive music, dance and general entertainment to celebrate the opening of the further development of St Peters Cross in the St Peters Quarter Derby. Yer’s truly’ll be on compering duty.
Irongate House
11am-3pm – FREE

NCF 2014


Monday 22nd September 2014

Pub Poetry – Open Mic Comic Lit

NCF Pub Poetry 2014 A fun, free and informal night of light-hearted and comic spoken word and poetry with plenty of drinking: without beer, literature is nothing. Bring your own words, bring your favourite authors or just sit back and listen. Poems, short stories, songs are all welcome – just so long as they’re funny.
48-52 Canal Street
8.00pm – FREE

Tuesday 23nd September 2014

Introduction to Improv Comedy Workshop

NCF MissImp Workshop 2014Want to be funny, spontaneous and creative? This introduction to improvised comedy takes you into games, exercises and techniques for finding comedy and creativity with others.
Hopkinson 21
21 Station Street
8.00pm (finish approx 10pm) – FREE

Friday 26th September 2014

MissImp in Action – live improv comedy show

MissImp_In_Action 2014Thrilling all-action end of the month show sporting the best of MissImp inventing scenes and playing games.
The Glee Club
The Waterfront
Canal Street
8.30pm (doors open at 8pm) – £4.50 in advance/£6 on the door (£3 students/MissImp)


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