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Lego Blog: Mini Office Block

Tile Your Kangaroo Down Sport

A Cubicle WorldI just adore the shiny little things. This love is in ironic opposition to our actual bathroom tiles, who I despise and am in a sticking-to-the-wall battle with, which I have lost. I’m determined to make use of the hundreds of tiles I obsessively gather and stroke whenever the opportunity arises. I also get very excited when I get a spare of a really pretty printed tile, like the oven dial from the Parisian Restaurant (lovely) or the thermal detonator from Jabba’s Palace (I am given to to understand that the appropriate expression is “squee”).

Right now, for example, I have a tray of them out and I’m dipping my toes into them: it’s lovely. They don’t need to be any particular shape (although 1×1 round and square tiles do feel quite special.

You Know That We Are Living, In A Cubicle World

We all hope for a better workplace, so I built it… This little set started as just the ground floor and messing about with patterns of green and red tiles. The walls grew from that. I’d just acquired a heap of the lovely grey masonry-faced bricks and was determined to put them in everything.

It stayed like that for ages and I enjoyed giving it some decoration. I couldn’t bear to populate it with office workers though (one of the saddest subsets in society) and it ended up as the office for the robot sheriff from the Lego 70800 Getaway Glider set. It made sense to me… I had a lot of fun in finding pretty office decorations, especially the really old Lego tile as a picture(maybe even Fabuland?)

Lego Mini Office Block   Lego Mini Office Block

 Movin’ On Up

Eventually a second floor became necessary, because… well, we got some new coloured tiles and they needed somewhere to work. The heroic office worker here is Count Sossiford, one of the monstrous fellows we assemble from the build your own minifigure box at the Lego Shop. He has a briefcase, he is a proper office person. By this point I had a very different number of masonry bricks and window pieces, so he got an office with less light, but more attractive wall decorations and lights. I am however rather fond of th Shell calendar on the wall…

Lego Mini Office Block    Lego Mini Office Block

As always these things spin out of control and I found myself trying to make an attractive/office ceiling for the ground floor that would allow me to stick the next level on top. It’s largely a failure as far as inverting bricks goes (the aim was to get studs on both sides) but I did manage to put some duct/pipe things in which seemed appropriate. And of course, you can’t do it without finally bunging a roof of sorts on top.

Now that I’m looking at it again I do appear to have missed a method of attaining the first floor… Still, I rather enjoyed making late ’70s-early ’80s light fittings for both floors. It may have been that requirement which caused me so many resulting problems. One day I will learn to plan. Maybe.

Lego Mini Office Block  Lego Mini Office Block

Lego Mini Office Block  Lego Mini Office Block

As ever, you can see all these pictures in glorious Flickr colour either by clicking on ’em, or going to this link.Related articles

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