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This Week, Monday 15 June 2015

Stuff to Report

There is little of note. This is good. Life is fairly quiet right now, and thankfully so. We’re thinking about kitten things, and about what to do with where we live. Complicated thinkings, but good ones. There’s some fun events coming up too – the Furthest From The Sea Festival on Saturday and Interrobang and Gorilla Burger a couple of weeks later.

Last weekend we enjoyed my Dad’s birthday. He’d planned it so that we could empty the lofts and have a vicious sift through things that we kids wanted from our childhoods. I only came home with four boxes of books and toys… We’ve sent a tonne of stuff on to freecycley things and charity shops, including some very battered and worn old Star Wars vehicles.

Once I reopen the boxes I’ll also root through my old school books and reports again. I feel a curious nostalgia for things I really don’t remember at all.

I also came across the fantastic kids’ book about where babies come from that the internet has recently discovered. I was never in any doubt that babies emerged from the flesh of their mothers. Precisely how it all works is still an horrific mystery.

Keeping Limber, Mind and Meat

We’ve had a variable start to the year, which has mostly gone undocumented due to creative fails. I started swimming again at the end of last year and was feeling pretty damn good about it. I missed swimming, having swum for Staffordshire waaaay back when I was a teenager, and hadn’t gone in the water for about 15 years. It took a while to get back up to speed and it was good to be charging through the water again.

In March I burst both my eardrums (possibly due to some infection) and promptly smashed myself and my bike into the new tram line going up into Chilwell. That was a shit weekend. The doc’s immediately told me I couldn’t swim for at least a month, and I had to get my bike fixed.

I only really discovered through abstinence just how much enjoyment and relaxation I was getting from swimming every day. It’s a nice little pool just round the corner from work so if I get there between 8 and 9 I can swim before work! But not for a month. I grew grumpy and frustrated. With the burst eardrums I’ve also now got the possibly permanent joy of tinnitus which adds exciting screaming and whooshing sounds to everyday life. Sometimes it’s so loud I think I can’t hear anything else (although I actually can) and I act as if I’m deaf. It’s weird.

I am however back to swimming now. I was going daily even when on sick leave after Merly died. I do think it pulls you together. It’s a focussed activity with zero distraction, except for slow people. It’s become a good reason to get up and leave the house in the morning, and I can go swimming every day that I’m working from my usual office, so that’s at least 4 days a week.

I’ve been bombing up and down with my beloved compact breast stroke and hadn’t really paid attention to how much I was swimming. I’d been told I was pretty fast and have frightened a few people out of the fast lane. Sure, front crawl’s faster, but it’s really hard to maintain for more than about ten lengths. And that’s when I cruise past… I can’t keep track of counting lengths, but I managed it for long enough to get an average. I reckon I’m doing about three 18m lengths a minute. So when I’m swimming for a whole hour I’m doing nearly 3.25 km! I like the stamina part of not stopping at all. Fun! Brain happy!



We had a fine Gorilla Burger last week, which I very much enjoyed compering. We had a slick order of play too: started with stories, then a round of two-minute games/scenes followed by two rounds of one-minute scenes and then an interval. The last bit was a series of four person Henrys; all of them were great.

I’m looking forwards to performing on Saturday with Martin (once he’s returned from his American adventures, and gosh, they have been adventurous). No idea what we’re going to do with our ten minute slot, but it’ll be good.

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Events and Excitement

Saturday 20th June

Furthest From The Sea Festival

FFTS15A huge free event with 6 stages around the Cathderal Quarter Derby showcasing live performances and entertainment – music, comedy, dance, theatre and much much more!

This is one my favourite events of the year, and I’m gutted to have been away from the gang for so long. MissImp have a slot on the theatre stage at 2.20 and I’m compering on a stage somewhere…

Handcrafted at the Cathedral Quarter features handmade and designed products from artisans across the Midlands!
Come on down and explore the stalls full of treasure, the workshops full of wonders and the performances of a lifetime! #CQSaturdays #FFTS15

Derby Cathedral Quarter

10am – 4pm

Facebook event with many more details

Tuesday 7th July

Interrobang – Improv Comedy Night

InterrobangInterrobang is part of the Derby Comedy Festival. The only show of its kind in Derby, brought to you by MissImp & Furthest from the Sea Music, Comedy & Arts, features an improvised comedy jam in which everyone can take part, followed by a showcase of the best improv in the region.

Tickets are £5 preorder and £6 on the Door. Click here to book:

Hosted in the Cube (Cafe/Bar) area of Déda Derby through out the night you will be able to order food and drink.

Box Office Phone: 01332 370 911

Déda Derby – Déda, 19 Chapel Street, Cathedral Quarter, DE1 3GU Derby


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