Lego Blog: Microships

What Are These Bricks For?

Sometimes I dearly want to play with Lego but my brain is just not working in a useful construction-conducive way. At that point I usually just turn the TV on. On this occasion I spotted Tremors on Netflix. I looove Tremors. It’s a fantastic little comedy monster film. It sufficiently distracted my head and allowed my fingers to do the building.

Microship Microfleet

I have fond memories of Lego Blacktron from the ’80s. I loved their old black and yellow colour scheme, but in tiny versions it feels like transparent red works better. This one is more of a blackmoor goldfish than anything else. I rather enjoyed finding nice swooshy lines to fit together.

Really, I wanted to take pictures of them against a black background, but I quickly figured out that would be difficult… I’m none too bright.

I’ve got loads of cool Technics cogs and bits and bobs, but I lack the engineering wit to make actual machines. They make for a fine cosmic drive though.

The third ship is a bit more witchy. I don’t know that I like it as much as the other two, but I felt mean leaving him out.

I think they make a fine space-faring trio. Not bad for tablescraps! These might be the first spaceships I’ve made from Lego in more than twenty years.

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