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Lego Blog: Birthday Minifigure Gallery

Birthday Lego!

Of the many cool things I received on my birthday from kind friends and family were these marvellous custom mixed up minifigures from my darling other half. I think they are dandy and in need of sharing. In the course of working with 2.8 Hours Later Marilyn’s been able to visit Lego Stores in both Leeds and Manchester. I have not been able to visit such glorious catacombs of wonder myself and am bitterly resentful. In part to spite and in part to delight, Marilyn made me nine minifigures during her visits. Apparently selecting the accessories and body parts took up more time than you would imagine possible. I am grateful for that investment in time!

Ooo-oo, You’re In An Army Now

Or something, probably. This fine selection of guardsman, dwarf ninja and sextant wielding explorer are magnificent. I haven’t seen the epaulettes  or the sextant before. I adore the dwarf ninja. Most of the minifigures have faces on both sides of their heads so these guys are doubly, or even trebly awesome.


Come Get Some

I am reliably informed that the visored fellow on the left is a sword-wielding minifigure of me! I am the sheriff and my helm will shield me from your blood. The guy in the middle is clearly a mob boss -dapper, fabulous hair and a saw. The lady here is a steampunk-bodiced goddess with a tommy gun. That’s her sad expression, but she has a nice smile too. Or maybe that’s the face you get when you fire a tommy gun one-handed.


Hello Sailor

Even more steampunk folk! A great pair of faces for the leading lady here and an unusually revealing top. Peg leg pirate + turban = The Misadventures of Ali Ba Ba. We also have a sardonic eye-browed gentleman, also bearing a circular saw which has now been established as the weapon of choice in our house (even Merly‘s got one)

You can see all these pictures and individual minifigure shots in glorious colour here on Flickr.

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