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Watchers – Read The Thing

Winter Time And The Living Is Easy

I have been taking it nice and easy since completing my NaNoWriMo novella on 23rd November. It has been nice, but I have immediately slacked off waaaay too far. That’s okay though because it’s given me some much needed Lego, reading and kitten playing time. It’s also still weirdly warm for December which makes me suspect we’ll be frozen into our home soon – perfect for Christmas!
I need to apply my freshly realised ability to write words faster and more frequently too.

Read Me… Please

A couple of family members have got a PDF copy of the whole story, which is obviously much easier to read than clicking between posts. You can grab the PDF from the link below or even the EPUB and MOBI versions if you want em.
So here it is:

Watchers by Nick Tyler – NaNoWriMo 2015

A science fiction story about surveillance, identity, grief and loneliness.

If you can face reading the whole thing I’d be delighted, and even more delighted if you told me whether you enjoyed it or not.



One of the best tips they had on the NaNoWriMo website when I was still umming and ahhing about taking part was the advice to create a cover image. I’ve always enjoyed doing that for my stories, and then changing the colours and things as the story progresses. It’s helpful for me, I think it gives me a focus when I’m thinking about a story. It’s hard to hold all the words in my head so a symbol is handy. I only got through four changes for my cover over 23 episodes, but in my defence I was mostly writing instead!

It may interest/upset you to know what the original image is. It began life as the delightful image below. I wake up with mystery bruises – this was my thigh on a Thursday morning. I don’t know why I took the picture or indeed kept it… With the aid of my beloved Pixlr-O-Matic Android app and basic editor on my phone it became the lovely face thing I used for Watchers.


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