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Under the Crossbones podcast ep 110 Nick Tyler aka Captain Pigheart

A couple of weeks ago I received a lovely email, quite out of the blue, from one Phil Johnson, comedian and pirate-lover (no, not like that, well – not with me. Maybe next time.) inviting me to be interviewed for his podcast, Under the Crossbones.
It’s a very cool podcast, covering an astonishing range of people interested in pirates, from historians and underwater archaeologists to, well, me. It was an especially nice invitation given that I’ve been a touch quiet on the pirate front of late. It is my piratical renaissance!
After a brief implosion of anxiety, I agreed, and I’m glad we did because we had a delightful chat, about Captain Pigheart, writing in general, MissImp: Improv Comedy Theatre Nottingham, Flash Pulp, Transformers and Lego (so piratey). Hopefully Phil’s listeners will approve. I had a lot of fun…
Anyhoo – listen below, on the embedded track player, or the YouTube version, and then go and subscribe to the podcast , follow the show on Twitter – enjoy, it’s a good un.


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