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Captain Ignatius Freeheart

Ahoy ye beauties,

Tis the season o’ being a decent sort o’ pirate and in demonstration of me general jollity I’ve decided to spread me word to ye in an entirely FREE manner for the followin’ week.

Aye, ye’ll find two of me most favourite full-length and most popular audio adventures for free only on this week:

“Free?” ye says, “what, from a pirate? No doubt he’ll be extractin’ me blood or somesuch fluid in recompense.”

Nay, or at least not for now. Ye’ll also still find the two shorter tales, The Amphibious Adventure and Adventure at Mistress Squidlington’s for free, but they be always free o’ charge.

Tis me greatest hope that ye’ll find ’em a pleasin’ earful and might consider a perusal o’ t’others.

The only thing I asks of ye in return, me beloved crewmate, is that ye spread the name o’ Captain Pigheart wheresoever ye go, be it into the tavern, ye business meetings or a dingy brothel. And also (I be a pirate after all), would ye perhaps be so kind as to offer a tiny, preferably favourable review..? Me cutlass is awfully sharp – tis just a reminder.

Join me crew on Facebook or Twitter for more endearin’ly piratical tidbits.

If ye cannot be arsed with ye listenin’ affairs and prefer to have ye tales passively forced into ye eyes – me two latest adventures’re The Exquisite Mermaid Adventure and The Buoyant Adventure. Read ’em, love ’em.

Until next time, I am ye one-eyed servant.

Captain Ignatius Pigheart

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