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Nanowrimo 2017 – After the Dark

It’s Scribbling Time

It is on. I’m filled with the same feelings I had before: excitement, and a kind of numb panic because I really have little idea what the story is going to be about. I’m very unclear where I’m gonna find the writing time in the next month (hell, I’ve barely made any since last year), but if the last two years are anything to go by, I will simply Make It So. Ah there’s the Nottingham Comedy Festival this and next week too – aaargh!

I thought about the things that have helped before:  title, and cover. I find them highly motivating and fun activities (if only I didn’t have to write the story too…).  The cover is stolen from a nice photo my mum took in Iceland recently (thanks Mum!), with various colours and bits added to suit my dark purpose. The title took a while to drop into the back of my brain and be passed forward for testing. It’ll do. It’s evocative enough to make my brain begin its bubbling. The Nanowrimo site also prompts for a synopsis. I realise some people actually have plans and chapter sketches and everything, but I lack common sense and planning skills, so I’m gonna do what I do every day, and just make it up as I go along. I have a trusty houseful of writing prompts – everything from a wriggling womble-beast to tarot cards, which were handy last time. So I’ve knocked out a synopsis that sounds like it could be a story. And so it shall be.

My Nanowrimo 2017 Novel

After the Dark

An existential science fantasy adventure of lost loves, lives, and worlds.

On the night that Jenn and his closest friends celebrate their lives together, the sky is torn apart by an unknown force. When Jenn is reborn from the earth, everything has changed. All he has are questions, but who will answer them?

The Plan

I’m aiming for double the daily minimum word count required to hit 50k by the end of November – 3,334 words a day. Totally doable. Totally. I’ll then be posting whatever I’ve written, every day, right here. This is my promise to myself, which I will keep because other people know about it.
Please read, please cheer me on, and please endure the interminable posts about word count and having no clue what’s happening. Good on ya.

You can also follow my progress at, and be a Writing Buddy (please, am so alone)!

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