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After the Dark – Read the Whole Thing (NaNoWriMo 2017)

Should You Wish To Read It…

I’m very grateful to everyone who read, commented and liked bits of my Nanowrimo story through November – it’s the kind of support that keep a fella scribbling late into the night. But, it’s hardly the best way to read a story.
Down below is a link to a folder containing an AZW (Kindle), PDF, MOBI and EPUB version of the After the Dark ebook. It’s very much a first draft, and I haven’t done any fancy proofreading or anything yet. It’s 63,846 words, which is a longish novella. So with that warning – please read, and let me know what you think!

After the Dark 

An existential science fantasy adventure of lost loves, lives, and worlds.
On the night that Jenn and his closest friends celebrate their lives together, the sky is torn apart by an unknown force. When Jenn is reborn from the earth, everything has changed. All he has are questions, but who will answer them?

After the Dark ebook

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