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We Are What We Overcome – Podcast Episode 1

We Are What We Overcome – It’s Alive

The podcast is on. We’ve recorded two episodes and have the next four lined up to be recorded, so we’ve sorted out an actual podcast feed thing!

This is episode one, which I think is a slightly cleaner version of the pilot, and will soon be available through iTunes and Stitcher (and probably other places too), so it should show up in your podcast app of choice, or will do soonish. For now, you can download it straight from the RSS or add it to your podcast subscription engine thingummy:

So this episode is me, Matt McGuinness and Huez Everns talking about Matt’s show and about our attempts at self-care in this twatbastard world. Enjoy! Feedback much appreciated!

The next episode will be recorded in front of a live audience in Derby on Thursday 8 May at QUAD, as part of the Little Ed Fringe. You can find all the deets here.

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