We Are What We Overcome – Pilot Podcast

We Are What We Overcome

A couple of months ago, Matt McGuinness of Matt McGuinness & the MLC asked me and my other half,  Marilyn to help sharpen up his mental health chat & music show. It was fun, and challenging, both to script and think about.

Now he’s adding a podcast to generate further opportunities to talk about and hear people talk about their mental health. Our desire is that it should ultimately become as normal as discussing having a cold or a broken arm. This is one step in that journey. I joined Matt and our new mate Huez Everns to talk about Matt’s show, as well as the general topic of self-care and some other rambling bits. Thanks to Neil Munro for tireless editing and possibly succeeding in getting a coherent conversation out of us.

Speaking of colds, I had a terrible cold when we recorded this, so apologies in advance. This is our pilot episode, with more to follow as we travel about a little with the live show, so keep your peepholes peeped. We will almost certainly get neater and tidier as we do this more. We’d love to know what you think.

The next episode will be recorded in front of a live audience in Burnley on Sunday 14 April. You can find all the deets here.

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