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Mental Health Track 020

Sleep achieved. After managing to stay awake all day at work, and doing all of my usual routine things like swimming, I even pushed that out to delay going to bed until it was the usual sort of time. The snoozing came fast and heavy. It was the kind of deep sleep which is hard to climb back out of, but my alarm unglued me from it for just long enough to set a fresh alarm for an hour later. I then dozed for a little longer until our big ginger cat Geiger decided it was time for a cuddle. So I’m a bit behind in my morning routine, and I have something of a sleep hangover – hopefully that will last until this evening and will sweep me off my feet once more. Although this over-sleeping is also disruptive, since I was working very early on Monday morning, I don’t feel bad about reclaiming those hours for more sleep today.

Judging from how pretty it is outdoors today, it might be time to swap my closed library window (with its stick-on cat nest) for the mesh covering which stops the cats wandering off through the open gap. The loss of the stick-on nest will enrage Pixie I think, so I’ll have to rig up some substitute. Our lilac tree is finally blossoming and with a lawn and garden filled mostly by bluebells, the whole thing looks rather nice.

Over-tired, now over-slept. I do feel it like a hangover, though blissfully without the headache that kicked it yesterday as my brain protested being awake for too long. It’s a comfortable sort of lag, my body definitely feels heavier today, and since I’ve no swimming due to the weekly curse of Wednesdayness, I imagine I’m not going to do a great deal more than wander around town at lunchtime. Not entirely sure my brain is online either, though that seems an OK result of the sleep confusion, I’m gonna delay writing a story until some more neurons are firing. Hopefully I won’t need to do anything involving numbers or words at work today… I managed to mostly avoid them yesterday as my vocabulary frayed away and trailed off behind my thoughts. Yep, breakfast, the tonic of coffee and so forth. More tomorrow when my brain is functioning to a degree where I can express myself.

Mental Health Track

A purposeful daily attempt to track how I feel and what I’m doing.

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