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Mental Health Track 036

I feel good today. Again, I’m measuring inner health purely on the strength of having slept or not, which is not strictly the best measure, but given the overwhelming focus I’m laying on it, that’s not a shock. I think it’s the Horlicks (or I do today, anyway) – best part of a pint of the stuff when I’m already feeling on the yawny side of things. I also slept for longer than I’d intended because I’m still endlessly tinkering with alarms and automation on my phone and plainly cocked it up. Fear not, for there is a small black cat who will bellow at the bottom of the stairs until her plaintive wails finally penetrate my earplugs and I’ll come down to let her out. She’s have much more immediate success if she stood on my chest to achieve this, but then she wouldn’t look so furious at the base of the steps. Maybe that’s more important to her. It’s still a step up on Geiger’s occasional claws in the back to get the same thing. Troublesome alarm clocks. A couple of OKish nights sleep at the end of this workweek followed by nine and a half or so last night and I’m feeling much more competent. It’s also a relief that I can feel in my bones. Waking up knowing that I’ve been asleep sounds redundant, but there’s a wealth of difference between peeling open gritty lids and having them pop open (with a clean, wet snap?). Either way, it’s good.

The dreams are remaining happily fragmented, even if they do wake me up occasionally. Crucially, they aren’t sticking around, except for the most unpleasant spider centaurs I was dreaming about earlier this week. Not half-horse, half-spider, rather they had the spider body instead of the horsey bit, and then another spider top half. Like a double-spider or something ghastly. I didn’t like that very much. Thankfully they were small and I don’t remember anything other than their appearance. It’s enough.

I enjoy the sensation of feeling generally upbeat, but have very little else going on in my noggin. Despite several very disruptive weeks I haven’t yet wrecked anything at work (and I’m extremely grateful to my colleagues for their tolerance of my total zoned out state), and much of the improv stuff is in hand. That leaves me at a slight liberty to indulge in messing about with LEGO, reading some more of the excellent books I’ve picked up in the last few weekends away (alright, shelving those and reading some of the hundreds of other books already waiting to be read), and even *gasp* looking ahead to maybe doing something nice in August. Or sometime anyway. Fringe things to consider since a bunch of folks I know will be up there, including Matt with the live We Are What We Overcome show. Infinite possibilities crammed into a month.

Time now to dick about with LEGO…

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