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Alphabetic Dialogues 3 Galaxy Team

Galaxy Team villains The Vermouthinator and his crony Gutshank are in pursuit of the hated Galaxy Team…

‘You are an exexcrable wretch Gutshank.’
‘Zymon showed great promise, until we arrived’
‘And so your excuse is what, poor research?’
‘But everything pointed to Galaxy Team being here’
‘Could you just control your whine for one minute’
‘Death to Galaxy Team!’
‘Even your enthusiasm irritates me today’
‘Failing you is the worse than seeing them live’
‘Good. Despite your failings you are my favourite, Gutshank’
‘Happy to serve Lord Egregious Vermouthinator sir’
‘I know’
‘Just wanted to make sure sir’
‘Killing Galaxy Team shall, I suppose, be delayed by at least one day’
‘My god, can you not even speak fully anymore?’
‘No master, I’m sorry – eleven days until we can catch up with Galaxy Team’
‘Of all the cretinous activities: you’ve brought us to this abysmal rock of morons and cost me eleven valuable days?’
‘Perhaps you’d like a martini’
‘Quelling my rage with gin are we Gutshank? I could just expel you into vacuum you odious-‘
‘Ready now Your Eminencial Vermouthinator sir’
‘Slip another olive in. I feel dirtied.’
‘That’s better master, there we go, just sip…’
‘Unless you have any strokes of brilliance you may leave’
‘Very well sir, though I have one thought that might cheer you up’
‘Well, go on then’
‘X-Rays. Blast the Zymonians into glowing skeletons; you always love that.’

Alex Trepan & Galaxy Team

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