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Alphabetic Dialogues 8 Chess

‘Come on, I’m going to kill your black pieces’
‘Do you mind, I’ve just sorted the pieces out’
‘Everyone knows white goes first’
‘Green Jeremy. Green!’
‘Have you seen any two bits?’
‘I have seen a million Lego pieces, none of which you selected’
‘…Just want to make a tree.’
‘Lego’s for fun’
‘My god, fun? FUN? Let me tell you about fun’
‘No daddy, let’s just play Lego’
‘Oh we’re beyond that – never mix the colours!’
***Push forward through time, Jeremy is 35 and further on in the game***
‘Queen to Rook 4’
‘Really Jeremy, you surprise me’
‘That’s not a bluff, besides you’ve taken your finger off it’
‘Unless you plan to talk all day, why not execute your brilliant strategy’
‘Very well’
‘Will you stop tossing all the pieces in the box together!’
‘eXtricate yourself from that, bitch’
‘You can’t put them together – there are compartments’
‘Zealous today aren’t we’
‘All I want is to keep it tidy’
‘Beat me and I’ll let you’

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