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Alphabetic Dialogues 2 Cursing HR

‘That’s inappropriate’
‘Unless you’re going to quote some policy…’
‘Various staff have complained about your behaviour’
‘Well they can fuck right off’
‘eXpletives are high on their list of concerns’
‘You’re clearly taking this personally’
‘Zesty language doesn’t bother me’
‘And yet you’re bringing it up now?’
‘Because of the volume of complaints’
‘Could you clarify the number please’
‘Don’t try to divert it into bean-counting’
‘Every swear word, or every occasion in which there’s been swearing?’
‘Fine, you want numbers? I’ll give you numbers’
‘Helen organised the list by curseword’
‘I cannot wait’
‘Jizz came surprisingly high on the list-‘
‘Kitonaks! We were talking about Star Wars – the fat jizz-wailer in the Cantina is a Kitonak’
‘Lying won’t make this any better for you’
‘My interests in science fiction have always been a target’
‘No, that’s not true’
‘Oh, and I suppose I’m not allowed to call you Number Two either’
‘Personal attacks are strictly forbidden by our HR policy’
‘Quim. Is that in there too?’
‘Right, I’m putting that on the list too’
‘Stick that list up your arse you twatting shit maiden.’

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