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This week, Monday 30th July 2012

Oh, it’s another week… already.

Okay, sort of back on track… every weekend seems to be busy at the moment. This weekend contained lots of being awake and improv shows with MissImp, which was great fun, despite a tiny Friday night audience (damn you Olympics) and having to be awake on Saturday for Nottinghamshire Pride shows in the comedy tent. Not to worry – it won’t stop the yarn-spinning.

I also caught the new Batman film today The Dark Knight Rises – I enjoyed it, but have not been thrilled. They tried to wedge too much stuff and characters into it without maintaining a decent action quota throughout; it’s almost like they’re reluctant to put the Bat on screen. I still prefer the first of Nolan’s Batman films. I am however, absolutely loving the current series of Primeval. They’ve upped the stakes from dinosaur hunting adventure to apocalyptic science fiction on a low, trashy budget. I can’t get enough of it – this week we got to see a hideous Gollumesque future predator rip one of its mates’ arms off in a Graeco-Roman wrestle and beat it to death. Awesome.

This week’s scribbles

Tuesday:  the fourth part of the mini-serial The Peninsula Creature. With the beast revealed it’s munching time for the archipelago.

Thursday: My Grandfather’s Watch. I love HP Lovecraft and can scarcely resist scribbling what I think of as homages, but are probably just bad parodies. Anyhow – enjoy!

Pleasingly I have some travelling to do this week so while my absence from work will undoubtedly generate quite a bit of stress I will at least get some extra writing time on the train (in the exciting run up to a week off I’ve ended up with just two and a half days in the office). There are a couple of short flashish stories that I need to tidy up and I’d lke to put some effort into Alex Trepan too. I have a determination to get my sleep back on track this week in readiness for a week of my own time wasting, so that should get me some morning writing time too.

Round Up of Last Week

24th July: The Peninsula Creature – Part 3 – a cryptozoological expedition gets into serious trouble

26th July: The Lobster Adventure – Captain Pigheart faces marooning and evil lobster monsters


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