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This week, Monday 16th July 2012

Mucosal Delays

Ye captain’s been grossly beleagured by hayfever this week – tis as if Neptune’s swept some bastard trees out to moult upon me face for bangin’ his merwench daughters. Tis ticklesome in the faceholes. Regardless, though in some way held back by the sheer itching horror and incessant sneezings I’ve continued me mindless scrawlings. I’ve been especially annoyed not to be able to contribute to the magnificent Flash Pulp for a few weeks as my speaking voice is completely shagged.

This weeks’s scribbles

Tuesday:  the second part of the mini-serial The Peninsula Creature. Tis going well I think, and the action and mega-beasts are hotting up for the luckless adventurers.

Thursday: Cecily’s Adventure. This is a super-short morning scribble written using the Alphabetic principle which successfully engages my mucoused brain with peculiar results. I hope you like it, it features a servant girl who discovers terrible things in the cellars beneath the kitchen.

I’m also hoping to finish a pirates vs. zombies story which might go up on Friday – if my brain starts functioning correctly (hmm). The morning pages writing discipline is working well for me, and I’m finding time to at least edit or type up other stories even if I don’t get to write a new one.

Poetry for your ears

Right now you can enjoy some Shankanalia (super-short Twitter verse) which I recorded a little while ago and forgot to upload to my Reverbnation page:

Round Up of Last Week

5th July: Timothy’s Little Helper – a short dose of robotic science fiction

10th July: The Grass Knight – vegetation and warriors unite!

12th July: The Peninsula Creature – Part 1 – fantasy adventure expedition into the Northern Continent…


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