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This week, Monday 13th August 2012

Curses, back to work

I’ve had a lovely week of peace and quiet, but contrary to my expectations I’ve done almost nothing. No really, I have almost literally achieved nothing, other than relaxing and getting some sleep. That’s really quite good for me. Unfortunately part of the ‘done absolutely nothing’ is the old writing… I guess I’d better start catching up!

Other than the general failure/success of a birthday week I put up the last segment of The Peninsula Creature. I’m quite happy with it; it was a story that spun cheerfully out of a dream which I had a couple of nights after seeing Jaws at the cinema. The influence is probably noticeable… I also enjoy the nonsense of cryptozoology (check out the MonsterTalk podcast) and found it fun to incorporate some aspects of it. Importantly (to me), did you enjoy it? Please let me know if you did. The same goes for the admittedly rather odd End of Line. I don’t know if I like it so I’d be interested in your thoughts.

This week’s scribbles

TuesdayShankanalia – the shank in the coffin. Violent, intolerant poetry very much inspired by having to go to work and deal with many people I can only regard as subhuman.

Wednesday: a cheat – the whole of The Peninsula Creature in one handy post for those who can’t be bothered to click back and forth between episodes. It’s ok – I am one of those people too.

Thursday: Eric the Bewildered Weaselthe first chapter (or readable slice) from a story I wrote ages ago but have recently felt like continuing. It’s about a forest which suffers an alien invasion… might take a few chapters to start making sense mind.

Round Up of Last Week

7th August: The Peninsula Creature – Part 5 – a cryptozoological expedition gets into even more serious trouble

8th August: Pulp Pirate 11 – another story contribution to the magnificent Flash Pulp podcast

9th August: End of Line – short story about cloning and hope


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