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This week, Monday 6th August 2012

I am free – for a week

Woohoo. It’s my birthday (yesterday), so I have toys to play with, many books to read, oddments to oddinate and a week of peace and laziness ahead of me. In celebration I shall have some extra time to scribble and improvise. Happy bags. I’m afraid part 5 of The Peninsula Creature has ended up slightly longer than the preceding parts but hopefully you’ll forgive me.

I’ve got a wonderfully diverse range of things to read: Jeffrey Deaver’s Carte Blanche (007), some classic Jack Vance (The Blue World), Elizabeth Bear’s Chill (which, godammit I’ve just discovered is book two – I cannot tell you how upset I now am), Anna Kendall’s Crossing Over, Reckless by Cornelia Funke, Rupert Thomson’s Air & Fire, Gavin Smith’s Veteran, White Cat by Holly Black (co-author of the amazing Spiderwick Chronicles), The Secrets of the TARDIS (with a UV sonic screwdriver to read hidden things) and Charlie Higson’s The Dead. There are more, but they are underneath those written above. What should I read first?! It’s all very exciting.

This week’s scribbles

Tuesday:  the final part of the mini-serial The Peninsula Creature. How will our investigative heroes possibly escape the terrifying beast?

Thursday: End of Line. A short piece of morning fiction about being a clone. The character names are odd and I belatedly realised they were all from things in our medicine cabinet. Well, that’s morning pages for you.

Round Up of Last Week

31st July: The Peninsula Creature – Part 4 – a cryptozoological expedition gets into even more serious trouble

2nd August: My Grandfather’s Watch – eldritch mysteries in a house of strange things


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