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This week, Monday 15th October 2012

Back on Trackish

A relatively quiet week for me – much appreciated. It ended with the all too brief return of a friend from Texas (and fine drinks in the pub), and then a splendid improv comedy show at The City Gallery in Nottingham where we performed our Consenting Partners show and welcomed guests Project 2 and their improvised sci-fi show. All round marvellousness and laughter.

There’s some freshish poetry for you to enjoy (should that be your wont) over on Reverbnation, Shankalline Structures or click here to get it:

Reading Update

I’ve read two books – one that I loathed and one that I loved.

Loathing first – Evil Ways , by Justin Gustainis. I really enjoy a spot of paranormal detective fiction (The Dresden Files are regular palate cleansers for me between hard scifi, and I loved the Kelly Armstrong Dimestore Magic series) and this appeared to be similar initially.

Chapter 2 started with “Libby Chastain, white witch extraordinaire, was naked, wet and horny” and it went downhill for me from there. There’s rampant misogyny too- see the FBI agent who agrees to have sex with a prisoner (child killer) to get information, but it’ll be okay because she’s use Zen meditation to keep her mind away, oh and she was abused by her Dad. I don’t know, maybe I was just in the wrong state of mind but it all felt unnecessary and attempting to be shocking.

Loved – Rebellion, by James McGee. It’s the fourth in a series set in the Regency era / Napoleonic Wars (depending on your viewpoint I guess) featuring Matthew Hawkwood, an ex-army Bow Street Runner – a kind of policeman. Dripping with period detail and bursting with action this one moves the action to Paris and an attempted rebellion. Ace fun. I’d recommend them all to you.

This week’s scribbles

Tuesday:  Shankaphone – Shoving Angry Poetry in Your Aural Canal – some more charming and blissfully short tweets of poems inspired by my life

Thursday: Twinned With Evil – part 4. Genuinely the last part – honest. This story is based on a dream which it follows quite closely, but getting some sense out of a dream is always a challenge, so apologies for it having to stretch out to get there.

Round Up of Last Week

10th October: The Pirate Coves LIVE – two clips from the show we did in the Nottingham Comedy Festival – a pair of pirate tales and a brace of songs with Kazoos.

12th October: Twinned With Evil – Part 3 – some more lovely bitter poetry.

Events and Excitement

Exciting stuff I’m doing coming up in Nottingham and thereabouts:

Derby Speakers Corner Launch – Saturday 20th October 11am, Derby – Captain Pigheart stories

Oxjam Beeston Takeover – Saturday 20th October 3pm, Latinos Restaurant, Beeston – Captain Pigheart stories and an improv hour at the end of the comedy show


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