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This week, Monday 29th October 2012

The Organisational Skills of A Crippled Weasel

Yup, successfully distracted by life and the usual tedium of blundering through work. Still… we’ve had another improv show which featured the erotic properties of vegetable beasts. It made me happy. So – what before that? Well, Speaker’s Corner Derby went well – more about that on Tuesday. We finally recorded another podcast discussing improv and comedy with MissImp (you can enjoy that here), hopefully we’ll hit a regular schedule soon.

I finally finished Twinned With Evil. I was sure it was going to be a three parter. Ho hum. I know it takes a slightly odd turn at the end when perspective shifts to another character, but it seemed to be the only way to go. In part I think it’s due to the story’s origins as a quite disturbing dream. I’ve remained pretty faithful to the nightmare and I do find it difficult to deviate from a reality I’ve already experience. The problem is always adding meaning and context to the weird crap that sneaks up on us at night. During the dream those inconsistencies and menace already feel loaded with meaning – sometimes it evaporates on waking and has to be re-imagined (not like a Tim Burton film). I think it went alright. I’ve had another odd dream and am in the process of rendering that into fiction too.

This week’s scribbles

Tuesday:  Derby Speaker’s Corner -some of the press and people involved in the opening on Saturday 20th October, and a nice video.

Wednesday: Re-posting of some fearsome Hallowe’en Pirate Tales

Thursday: The Tusky Adventure. A return to pirate adventures!

Round Up of Last Week

16th October: Shankophone – Shoving Angry Poetry in Your Aural Canal – some more super-short agitated poetry.

18th October: Twinned With Evil – Part 4 – the final (finally) part of the evil city yarn.

Events and Excitement

Exciting stuff I’m doing coming up in Nottingham and thereabouts:

Little Wolf Parade – Saturday 10th November – I’m compereing and performing in this deviant debacle:


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