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This week, Monday 5th November 2012

The Little Grey Cells

I’ve seen more Poirot this week than ever before. My other half adores Agatha Christie adaptations so if they’re on, we watch them. Or at least absorb them while doing something else. Plus I have always admired Poirot’s magnificent (and lamentably glued on) moustache. He waxes and cares for them so well.

I don’t know if it’s that which has sped on my own reading, but something has. It’s been an odd week otherwise too that has featured an awful premonition of the next 6 months at work. It’s going to be very busy and rather wearing, but will at least be different. That’s potentially good. Hopefully it won’t screw up my writing time too much.

This week’s media consumption:

Blood Rites (Dresden Files #6) – Jim Butcher
Twinkle Little Star – Jennifer Kirk
Divine Misfortune – A. Lee Martinez
Dead Beat (Dresden Files #7) – Jim Butcher
Darkly Dreaming Dexter – Jeff Lindsay
Hellboy Volume 4 The Right Hand of Doom – Mike Mignola

I’ve enjoyed them all and will hopefully get round to posting up some super-short reviews of each/most/some of them. Dresden’s still keeping me chipper!

Oh, we also got to see Skyfall at the cinema. Bond is definitely back and better than ever. He’s quite recovered from the shambles that was Quantum of Solace and I’d really like to watch Skyfall again. It seemed to have the best of the old Bond films while still finding scenes and set pieces we’ve never seen before. Javier Bardem, Daniel Craig and Judi Dench make for a splendid 143 minutes. Oh – great credit sequence and ace Bond song too courtesy of Adele. And Komodo Dragons. Yay.

We finally finished season 2 of Fringe. Yes, season 2. I know we’re four years behind. I think it’s wonderful.

This week’s scribbles

Tuesday:  Just One Cup of Coffee -a very short short story to make you drink slower.

Wednesday: Pulp Pirate 13: Flash Cast 72– better late than never…

Thursday: The Welcome Rescue Adventure. Another super short story. More piratical fun.

Round Up of Last Week

30th October: Derby Speaker’s Corner – video and photos of some daft piratical escapades.

31st October: Terrifying Stories – Hallowe’en Repost – a quartet of chilling pirate tales.

1st November: The Tusky Adventure – Captain Pigheart takes on Canadians and walruses in this icy tale.

Events and Excitement

Exciting stuff I’m doing coming up in Nottingham and thereabouts:

Little Wolf Parade – Saturday 10th November – I’m compereing and performing in this deviant debacle:

10th November @ MOBIUS – The amazing new venue (and I’m Not From London HQ) opposite The Old Angel

“Lets explore the ugly, beautiful, the sublime and create a new adventure. Lick the glitter from your wounds baby & come join in the parade!”
I’m Not From London events have teamed up with a group of artists and curators to develop “Little Wolf Parade” – an experimental subversive art adventure in a reclaimed building in Nottingham.
Little Wolf Parade will create a space where the boundaries of Art/Music/Sound & audience blur. Where radical, experimental, provocative, beautiful, ugly, sublime, political and humorous art can exist, explore and evolve…
Led down the dark and mysterious path by Pigheart from MissImp comedy
Tickets £5 advanced – £6 on the door (collection of paper tickets from The City Art Gallery – down the alley next to The Works Book shop in the city center / opposite the tourist info). Tickets can be purchased from The City Gallery or in person from Rachel Parry or Will Robinson – Email : or for details.

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