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This week, Monday 12th November 2012


This week’s totally wiped me out. I’ve had some fine emotional highs and lows which have made it all… interesting. Tonnes of work, as I said last week, but I’m determined that it won’t screw up all the other cool stuff I do. To help with that I’ve bought rather a lot of Lego, not least the very cool Uruk-Hai figures given away free in the newspaper. I plan to make a lovely display case for our Lego mini figures inside a bookshelf.

Magnificent Fun

Chief amongst them last week: compering the magnificently insane Little Wolf Parade. Organised by I’m Not From London and filling two stories of an old Post Office building, this was a tour de force of artistic intrigue, fantabulous music (oh my god the DJ wonders of Stiff Kittens) – I’ll do a full update later on when I can nick photos of the event. Suffice to say I had a very good time cajoling the crowd and feeling a tiny bit like an artist.

The Dead

My reading is still going well – see below. I’d give special mention to Charlie Higson’s The Dead. If you think The Walking Dead is quite dark or consider The Hunger Games to be hard Young Adult reading, well – give this, or The Enemy a shot. Higson’s incredibly harsh and threatening tale of young teenagers and children surviving in a world where everyone over the age of 14 has become a diseased zombie intent on their young flesh is compelling, uncompromising, terrifying and poweful. I loved the first in the series (The Enemy) and am looking forwards to getting a copy of The Fear.

This video “Scared Kid” was part of the advertising for the book and is referred to by its characters:


Higson’s the guy who wrote the equally great Young James Bond series. If you like Fleming or Gardner’s Bond you should get into these too.

This week’s media consumption:

Crossing Over – Anna Kendall – YA fiction in a fantasy world in which a young man has the ability to travel to the land of the dead
The Fall of Cthulu, Vol. 1: The Fugue – Michael Alan Nelson – comic book series following Lovecraftian plots and madness
The Dead – Charlie Higson – genius YA fiction
The Walking Dead – season 2 – losing a bit of the tedious soap opera finally, in favour of some zombie action
ArgoBen Affleck’s third directed film, and he nails it. This is by turns funny, painfully tense and beautifully paced. The clothes, hair and glasses are properly ’70s awful. Also, the story (based on true events in Iran 1979/80) is very good.

This week’s scribbles

Tuesday:  Shanktasm – The Derivation of Pleasure from Angry Poetry – some more vitriolic super-short poems.


Thursday: The War Alone. A short slice from a possible series or maybe a longer work – surviving a war.

Round Up of Last Week

6th November: Just One Cup of Coffee – a bit of flash fiction for those who struggle to drink.
7th November: Pulp Pirate 13 – The Simian Entertainment on the Flash Pulp podcast.
8th November: The Welcome Rescue Adventure – a teen tiny tale of being rescued from the sea by a… well, read the story.
9th November: Little Wolf Parade – local arts and music event.

Events and Excitement

Exciting stuff I’m doing coming up in Nottingham and thereabouts:

MissImp in Action: Improv Comedy Show – Fri 30th November at The Glee Club Nottingham
Fuktotage: Anyone Can Play – Thu 6th December at The City Gallery in Nottingham
The Bookcafe Winter Acoustic Festival – Sat 8th December at The Bookcafe in Derby
Pub Poetry – Fri 14th December at The Cottage Tavern in Burton on Trent


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