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Pirate Hot Chocolate

The snowflakes are turnin’ bloody at me feet. Battle’s found us even here in these icy cliffs. Damn the war-walruses and their tenacity. We’ll gore ’em all eventually. In the meantime I’ve found a moment to nip into the galley and make meself a warming drink.

Hot Chocolate for Arctic Heroes


While a traditional sea-toddy’s brimful o’ rum, frankly tis a waste of god’s tears. Especially if ye options include Angostura 1919 (aye, sink ye lips and peepers into that fine bottle) or even the less-fine but still mighty-fine Kraken Black Rum. Since ye be muddying it’s flavour with a mug o’ milk and chocolate may I suggest ye enjoy the remarkably cheap and tasty Sainsbury’s Kentucky Bourbon. Tis light and a mite smokey, and complements ye chocky burn. I’m usin’ the delightful Liquid Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat.

The Art of Blending a Simple Drink

I’ll not insult ye intelligence too far, save to bung a mugful o’ milk in ye pan, mix in five or six teaspoons of molten liquid flakes until tis all brown and creamy (full fat milk’s the only sane approach unless ye have a Guernsey cow to squeeze cream from). I like to pop the marshmallows in the mug first and douse ’em in the whiskey (or good rum if ye be wealthy) before drowning them like enemy soldiers in hot chocolate.

The Remarkable Beverage
Aye, tis a gorgeous sight, and it’ll warm ye hart and the cockles of ye mind. A few sweet sips and you’ll find yourself ready to rejoin the battle.


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