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Lego Blog: Weird House In The Jungle

My problem is planning. One of my problems is planning. I’m an improviser y’know? So I improvise everything. I like to call it organic… I had an idea that Boba Fett should have a house. He’s got to live somewhere right, so I started sticking bricks together. It’s not like I didn’t have a plan. I wanted a structure that looked like it was made of salvaged junk and spaceships bolted together in the middle of a forest. I sort of got that, but then I realised there wasn’t anywhere for a coffee machine, or a bed… he’s tough but he’s got to sleep somewhere. I’m experimenting with using Flickr for me Lego snaps, so if ya fancy checking out the whole set, click here: and follow me around if you like!

The Approach


It began with the ground floor – originally to just be open so I could see inside. It’s approached through the forest at the front. The rock wall opens up to reveal proper doors inside. Disguised and attractive.


Round and About

Heading round to the left of the house the lower ground floor opens up to reveal a barely visible interior because I’ve entirely built the damn thing in and I can’t get a camera inside! We have weapon racks, cabinets, computer screens and a teeny-tiny jail cell.


Hup, Other Side

Round t’other side Boba’s got a huge mobile cannon for deterring intruders (and possibly attracting bees). You can also see a bit more of the hugely lopsided first floor dwelling business. I rather like the stratification of colour and the mixed textures across the build.


Inside… Deep Inside

The roof lifts off in two pieces, the first on the left which reveals the hibernation chamber (currently hosting Princess Leia). The larger roof section conceals the main living quarters, spread over a series of mezzanine floors. I still didn’t get as much into it as I wanted to.


I have run out of shelf space sadly, and I can’t even put the roof on the build anymore! I’d love to go up another storey but that might have to wait for another day… I hope you like as much as I do. You can see some pictures of the back and the top on my Flickr photostream along with a load of other shots all the way around.

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