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This week, Monday 4th March 2013


Diving FellowI have very little memory of last week. Curious. Ho hum, I assume it must have either been very busy (which I doubt), or oddly empty. Ah! That’s it, I spent most of the week data cleansing, which is exactly as close to spiritual termination as it sounds. Sigh. Never mind, my mind will return to me (I hope) and all life will continue in its usual chain of accidents and embarrassments.

This week’s scribbles

Tuesday Once Upon A Time part 2

Does this count as a fable? I’m not sure. It’s damn gloomy though.

Wednesday Franklyn de Gashe’s Audio Entertainments

A pair of de Gashe stories for you to listen to.

Thursday The War Alone Day One: Art Class (1 of 3)

How the war begins, for one art teacher.

Friday Film Review: Hansel & Gretel –  Witch Hunters

A short review of terrible, terrible film.

Updates on my thrilling life


A Cyborg Calls

Woo hoo, A Cyborg Calls came in as a four parter. It was an effort to keep it under five parts, but a brutal edit of the last part fixed that, but good (as they say in movies). I am fairly pleased with the story – I wanted to explore Alex’ odd relationship with Galaxy Team further, and get into some of the other characters who in all honesty I just toss in as names that amused me in earlier stories. I find that’s much how I get through life – do the stuff that makes me chuckle and see if the story winds around it. I hope there were some surprises in the story and that it had a satisfying ending. It is, of course, wide open for continuation…

Last week’s scribbles

Tuesday Once Upon A Time Part 1 Dark urges ravage a small community.

Wednesday Lego Creations: The Castle Sprawl A mega heap of pictures of my Lego castle and all its odd vignettes.

Thursday Alex Trepan: A Cyborg Calls part 4  The final chapter of Alex night time visit.

Friday Book Review: City of Screams by John Brindley A short review of an interesting YA sci-fi novel.


I’m still trying to figure out what the onomatopoeic word for the sound Lego makes when you rummage about in it should be – shinkle? Maybe. I’ll keep working on that important thought.

This week has been a Lego buying week. Tesco has continued to reduce stuff, and so there has been a late night foray there most nights last week (that’s what I’ve been doing!) Successfully acquired The Werewolf, which has another fearsome minifig launching component, Marvel Superheroes: Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown and the Lego City Forest Police Station. Happy me. We’ve also spotted that the next series of minifigures is due out soon and features amongst other awesomeness a Medusa figure!

I also managed to squeeze and drop a mad scientist lair I was building, exploding it across the living room. Cock. Back to square one. I’m also facing the imminent prospect of having to dismantle Lego sets as I’ve run out of space. Need more shelves….

Improv Comedy

At Fisticuffs we’ve been playing with the Evente, which I wish to spell Eventae because it looks cooler. We’re treating it with our usual disregard for what anyone else says and found it much more fun. We’ve also got a gig to do a special version of Unspeakable Acts (which remains some of the most fun I’ve ever had on stage) for Nottingham University‘s ClassSoc. We’ll be using ancient Greek plays as our base material! I’m really looking forwards to that.

Media Intake


I finished Judas Unchained in ridiculously few days and was thrilled by it all the way through. It’s exactly the kind of space opera I adore. I’m now filling time until I feel I can reasonably pick up his next door stop and continue the adventure… So far I’ve gotten through Lionboy: The Truth by Zizou Corder, it’s the last in the short YA trilogy about a kid who can catspeak and gets embroiled in a complex corporate conspiracy. I’ve enjoyed them although I found the “big pharma” paranoia quite irritating. I also abandoned a nameless book that was too awful to continue reading and now I’m halfway through Jim Butcher’s Turn Coat.

Events and Excitement

Improv shows

Thursday 14/03/13      Gorilla Burger: Improv Comedy Chaos – The City Gallery, Nottingham

Friday 29/03/13           MissImp in Action: Improvised Comedy Show – The Glee Club, Nottingham.


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