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Lego Blog: Lunchtime Building

Packed Lego

The best lunchtime activity I’ve found is Lego. Reading is okay, but the phone rings. Writing is what I want to do, but the phone rings. Lego however… Lego drowns out the noise. That gentle shake of the case and the consequent rattle and shickling of the bricks gives me a very pleasant warm sensation. It’s nice. So for the last few weeks I’ve been toting a nice metal Ferrero Rocher tin with an assortment of Lego Friends, a bit of Chima and some other random bits and bobs. It’s a nice mix of odd bricks and colours and is proving nice to build and dismantle from.

An Idle Beginning

Without really intending to, I’ve been developing a story of sorts from my random buildings…

Setting the Scene

Going Hunting

This one seemed at it’s best out in the wild. The Lego Friends heads are frustrating to fit into ordinary Lego funtime. They fit well on a spike though. Our brave hunter has succeeded. He also has a bucket of water. Victory!

The next set became a bit more complicated. I’m pleased with the water section – it’s something to do with all those weird crystal Chima things. I just want to take them apart. But it gave a pleasing depth with the tall tree adding to the effect.

I’m looking forwards to further building, it’s good fun and very relaxing. Next I shall build robots again!

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