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Lego Blog: Minifigure Madness

Wrooargh The Bricks Of Change

Minifig MadnessMinifigs, minifigures, Lego men (and women). They are an amazing complement to the sheer joy that the bricks can bring. They have improved over the years too. I’m sure when I was little there were only two faces (smiling and not smiling), nowt but yellow in the physog department and accessories were either walkie-talkies (still ace) or things that might be guns.

The recent blind bag series that Lego have brought out (we’re up to series 10 now) have made my obsession with Lego acceptable to my partner, who is now in a bag-squeezing frenzy to find Medusa. We don’t dick around by buying tonnes of them – blind bags are an abomination and a vile exploitation of enthusiasm. Screw them – just spend a bit of time in the supermarket fondling the packets.

I’ve acquired a decent little collection of minifigs over the last few years, plus a handful from the decade before (in which Lego purchases were an escape from crippling depression and guided by alcohol). I thought it might be nice to ramble about a handful of favourites. I’ve mostly left out the newer bagged minifigures because I reckon they get enough exposure. 


Fabuland Heffalump

Does anyone else remember Fabuland? It was the Duplo animal headed weirdness of the early-mid ’80s. My mum found this chap for me in the wreckage of my youth. I don’t know why he doesn’t have eyes. There is the suggestion of them though. Perhaps in the darkness of boxes skin grew over his eyes… I’m sure that’s it. I loved these guys. I also have the crow figure but he’s so badly scratched I can’t show him here for  fear of affrighting you.

Space man, I just want to fly away (or something)

The little blue dude here is from a Lego Space jumper I had, he’s got a plastic press stud on his back and came unstuck constantly. Terrible idea for clothing. I had tonnes (maybe four) of these guys and always loved the zip on the suit. It’s nice to see how far spacemen have come in Lego. Next to him is the recent hot pink spacelady. New faces, detail jobs on full front, back and legs. Awesome face, good hair and a quite different helmet.


These chaps didn’t seem to hang about for long, but I adore their faces and the chest images. The interestingly shaped helmets, some of which were transparent have remained some of the coolest things that Lego ever made. They came with a rather nice flying saucer that I must rebuild one of these days.

Increasing Awesomeness

Lego accessories, paint jobs and hats have come a very long way. We’re almost seeing some gender balance in the recent minifigure series. The Bee Lady is one of several brilliant costumed figures Lego have put out (I used the Godzilla costume here). The hat is rubber, like the new Yoda heads and a few other hair accessories (see the Friends below). She also has wings. Wings. Gorgeous all round.

A Nice Bit of Skirt

The new ‘skirt’ pieces for lady figures has made them easily identifiable in blind bags, but it also makes the model rather lovely too. The Wicked Witch of The West is very satisfying, and has a nice broom. The other figure here is a vampire hunter – the lovely garlic clove and ripped clothes add texture and freshness to all of these figures. Her hair is also rubber and has a crossbow bolt in it. She was one of the first figures I saw with two faces – both with a scar.

Just More of Everything

The Ewoks were the first figures I saw with the short legs now in general use for Hobbit, leprechauns and so on. The Ewok paintjob and detail has improved from their first appearance as well. Logray is much cooler than unidentifiable forest shadow. It’s almost like Lego were slow to realise how much everyone would love the Star Wars range. I believe they know now.

Hats On, Hats Off

The Green Goblin and the Apeman Costume show the details improving over the years, along with a sense of humour. The sweaty little ape costumed fellow is a winner, with nice paunch on the front and a splendid helmet. The Green Goblin is from a few years ago and you can see that in the moulded but unpainted helmet. He’s got a great face and armour though (and the back of his head is painted).

Lego Chima – the new Fabuland?

I’ve only got a few of the Chima dudes, but I pulled in when I realised the faces were helmets and they had dual expressions underneath. Everything about these guys is brilliant – detail all over them, plus the faces, masks and they often cool things like wings and weapons you have to assemble. The faces are a bit odd. The croc dudes are genuinely scary and the lion’s eyes worry me.

Lego Friends Reunited

I blogged about Lego Friends last week. I’m still keen, especially once I realised that although the heads can’t be swapped, the hats and hair can be… I could do this literally all day:


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