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Lego Blog: MiniBot

MinibotMy over-enthusiastic intention was to bring you glorious images of the house in the weird jungle I’ve been fiddling with, seemingly forever. I took the pictures but they are terrible. I am a horrible photographer, and likely a bad person (which explains the watermarks of daemons when I develop them). Please accept my hirsute apologies.

Plan B

Mantid Droid 2I’ve also been tinkering with mini robots again. With the use of just a few hingey bricks and sometimes unlikely combinations of parts you can get rather sweet little fellows. This is my Mantis Droid (I considered spelling that with numbers M4NT15, but that looks stupid). He’s another lunchtime build that spilled into the evening as I sought out a combination of bricks that gave him an expression.

He seems slightly downcast in the picture on the right, and I feel bad for putting the neck hinge where I did.

Mantid Droid 1

On the other hand, on the left he looks rather chipper but chinless – like an undergraduate Tory.

Ideally I’d rebuild him in a strict two-colour scheme I think – I was constrained by the Lego in my travelling case. I may consider a change of colour entirely- green and dark red perhaps.

I continue to be very fond of the grilles and I have always always always adored the lever pieces that I ended up using as hands / prehensile manipulators.

He’s a satisfying little fellow – half butler, half preying mantis rrobo-killer. No, I can’t see him killing anyone either…

A Quick Tease

One of the few not-entirely-awful-pictures-which-also-doesn’t-show-you-too-much:

Oooooh, it’s quite tall.

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