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Lego Blog: A Little Bit Robot

Blocks and Bits

Now I keep my Lego separated by colour, but there are many many dinky tiny pieces that vanish amongst the vast mass of larger brickery. I need to find a compact solution to this problem because I’ve tried taking all the little oddments out and keeping them together, but that only makes it worse! Then there are millions on millions of one stud shapes and I can’t find any buggering brick when I want it.

Finding the Right Brick

It’s from that mass of squares and circles that this little chap emerged. It can take a while to find enough highlight colour – I love the bright orange, but there’s never much of it about. I feel the same about the bright green; oddly I dislike the yellow. I don’t know why. I’m fond of the handle piece as a neat hip joint, especially how it turns the legs out at unusual angles. It makes for a more natural pose. Plus I’m still struggling with hinging knees and elbows properly. I should spend some more time tinkering I think.
Saw Droid 1

Vrrrzzzshm and Kaboom

There’s something rather satisfying about this scale of robot; they’re almost twice the height of a mini figure, so they could be pleasantly threatening to the smiley little buggers. The head shape pleases me a great deal – there’s something of Shockwave or Whirl from Transformers about the glaring eye… Well it made me happy anyway. A chainsaw and drilling gun seemed the ideal tools for a black and orange droid.
Saw Droid 2

Retro-Fit Story Telling

I greatly admire the back stories that many of the amazing Lego builders have on the vast Lego Flickr community. Being physically in touch with the material of fiction when assembling any build certainly makes stories and situations spin round in my mind. I see the Saw Droid locked in storage for decades, power trickling into him just enough to keep him available and operational at a few moments notice but never activated. The mining ship is decommissioned, sent to be scrapped for parts, the remaining Saw Droids included; built but never used; on the cusp of functionality… Accidental activation may not go well for the salvage crew as disconnecting the power cables from the droid storage trips the power-up sequence. The Saw Droid is hurled into full awareness as the side of the mining vessel is torn apart and he’s sucked out into space. Drifting alone, further and further from the only home (or prison) he’s ever known.

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