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This week, Monday 15th July 2013

Miraculous Avoidance of Sun Stroke.

Hiding From the HeatLike any Englishman worth his beaded perspiration I am still complaining about the weather. This heat is unnatural, energy sapping and brain-wooglifying.
I have been unable to spurn it with customary disinterest however. I spent all of Saturday out doors, beginning quite early (i.e. before midday) in Derby with the erection of gazebos before compering Knickerbocker Glorious in the blazing sunshine from 11-3. I did live in the shade, which must have been cooler than the metal chairs used by the audience for inflaming their buttocks. We had wonderful singers, some of whom I already knew and others new to me. I’ll do a post with a link and track for each of them later in the week. In the usual scheduling shenanigans I got to fill a few gaps with stories. I was surprised to find that Franklyn de Gashe’s nun gangbang story went down quite well… After that my other half and I stumbled wearily through the vast air-conditioned Westfield centre and gazed with awe at Toy Planet‘s Lego wall. I left with Lego. I was happy. I was also very ready to collapse in a wheezing heap of sleep.

Alas, no such succour was to be had. The train back to Nottingham was possibly the coolest part of my day, which is certainly worrying. Next stop – The Orange Tree pub. They’ve always had an excellent rum menu and they’ve just launched a new one and celebrated it with a pirate night. I was nicely asked to read a few pirate stories for ’em. Which I did! It was crazy hot in there though as their performance space is right in front of huge windows. Phew. I also had a delightful cocktail whose name eludes me now but is a full pint (excellent rehydration!) containing two kinds of rum, condensed milk, Guinness and nutmeg. Gorgeous.

After that it was off to Mr Parkhouse’s for a fine garden party where we enjoyed the cooling night. All very good. I have attained my highest level of suntan – I have a few freckles.

♥ This week’s scribbles

Tuesday Autofiction: Overheated MusingsWhy is it so hot? The sun’s like, miles away.

Wednesday Lego Blog: Galaxy Squad Love I guess it’s a kind of review…

Thursday The Desert Crystals Part 14 “A Timely Intervention” Trapped in the dark tunnels of a flying mountain…

Friday Film Review: Pacific Rim  YES

Updates on my thrilling life


I swear it’s too hot to write. I can feel my brain slowing down. I shall not let it stop entirely however. The two weeks of madness is about to kick in though which may play hell with my schedule. Just so’s ya knows.

Last week’s scribbles

desert crystals5Shanktart – Toasted Sugar Rage Poetry Letting off a little steam.

Lego Blog: There’s An Ogre At My Castle Cute cyclops-ogres at an abandoned castle.

The Desert Crystals – Part 13: A Chamber of Horrors The story finally swings back to poor Jacob, lost in the dark.

Product Review: Fat Jack’s Tash Wax Lots of films, short reviews.


I have barely tossed the bricks this week, which is a shame for I do love ’em. I’ve been quite pleased with people’s feedback on the Ogre’s Castle. It’s certainly the most satisfying model I’ve built. What next? Well the Galaxy Squad stuff is pretty inspiring with lots of pretty parts.

Improv Comedy

In readiness for a week of incessant improv, we’re having a quiet one this week. Last week we enjoyed Gorilla Burger – I was lucky enough to be in two of the three show slots. The first was a round of Eddie’s Top Story (with Marilyn and Lloydie too) with strict three sets of two person scenes. We had a good time in them – the emphasis was on premise-based scenes and I was pleased to find we were all in accord on guessing and matching at each others’ ideas.

I think I was hankering for a little more freedom, weirdness and organic development and that’s how David and I did our bit with BitchCock KerFuffle (we are now agreed on where the capital letters lie). It felt great – freewheeling through scenes that all began organically and mockingly but developed rapidly until we felt they should end. Highlights for me included negotiating the return of stolen goods, unfortunate erotic conditioning and valuing chairs as people. We had a marvellous time.

Media Intake


I’ve slowed down a bit this last week. I finished off Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold which I really did enjoy. She has a different slant on the sci-fi novel (I’ve never read her work before, except maybe a few short stories) and I found the romantic plot-line compelling and touching. Since I’ve now got a new Kindle (the dinky Kindle 4) I moved straight on to The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle. Although the title seemed familiar I hadn’t twigged that it’s the book which the wondrous and bizarre animated film (of the same name) is based on. I loved the film as a child, though I haven’t watched it for a long time. I have powerful memories of the Red Bull and the weird sexy lady tree. I spent the weekend pestering other people to see if they’ve seen it. No one has. Guess what they’re getting for Christmas…


A fairly quiet time – we’ve been busy and that conflicts with the joy of spending hours in a large dark air-conditioned room, but we did watch Pacific Rim yesterday. Best. Film. Ever. Okay, it’s a huge B movie but I loved loved loved it. I shall babble more on Friday. By then I hope to have acquired merchandise!

Events and Excitement

MissImp and Friends and Messing With A Friend – Wednesday 24th July

Time and place to be confirmed, but will feature the Fisticuffs team, London’s sci-fi twoprov Project 2 and Susan Messing.

MissImp in Action – Friday 26th July

8.30pm at The Glee Club, Nottingham.
High energy improvised comedy show.


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