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This week, Monday 22nd July 2013

Glorious Anti-Climax.

Galaxy Squad DudesAt the moment of writing this I’m filled with a greying, bland sense of disappointment. Today (Sunday) ought to have been the culmination of literally months of work, stress, frustration and anticipation. I should have a fuzzy glow of success… or something. Instead I’m just angry and annoyed. I didn’t get much sleep as I had to be in early for verifications and it’s just… a sense of disappointment I suppose. So much work and the failures on the other end keep going. We’ve done everything we can do, but that can’t compensate for the fuck ups of others. And now that we’re finally on to the next phase, well, that’s going to be just as much grief. Ah fuck it. I’ve gone to BrewDog Nottingham for a celebratory / grumpifying drink.

The rest of the week was good though, right? Well yes. A nice quietish week on the whole. A few trips to the cinema and some chilling out. Yesterday I was at Splendour in Nottingham festival at Wollaton Hall (Batman’s house). I enjoyed that. I was compering for the cabaret / circus tent area. Supported by The Alley Cafe it was a fun, chaos filled show with Lambhorse Cabaret, trapeze acts, singer and two burlesquey performances. I stayed in character as Captain Pigheart and had great fun filling the space between acts with the usual demented babbling. Very cool. I paid almost no attention to the music stages (they were mainly a pain as their slack running times screwed up our start and finish times – dicks).

I then spent an hour supervising a large pack of feral children. I don’t know why, but many parents seemed perfectly content to leave their kids hooting and scrapping in a tent with me. If you happen to be one of those parents who left their kids to be chased and bellowed at by a man in a pirate hat on Saturday, well… it was fun, but it was an odd assumption on your part.

♥ This week’s scribbles

Tuesday Autofiction: An Unexpected Lament Sometimes we miss things.

Thursday The Desert Crystals Part 15 “Blood’s The Thing” Heaps of steaming gore; and how was your night?

Friday Film Review Round Up: Monsters University, The World’s End , Now You See Me  Three quite different films I enjoyed

Updates on my thrilling life


I caught up well last week. I was especially pleased with the Desert Crystals episode which I felt had a different feel to many of the other episodes. I didn’t want to just abandon a nameless character lost overboard. I don’t think I’ve written anything quite like it before.
This week will be a bit manic and I’m worried that I may not hit my targets…
Last week’s scribbles

Galaxy Squad - Alien Attack

Autofiction: Overheated Musings  Why is it so hot? The sun’s like, miles away… an autofiction roundup.

Lego Blog: Galaxy Squad Love I guess it’s a kind of review.

The Desert Crystals Part 14 “A Timely Intervention” A poignant interlude.

Film Review: Pacific Rim YES.


More re-sorting of shapes and bricks this week, as well as a little experimentation with the larger struts and supports from the ole Space Monorail set. They are an odd height and have weirdly deep studs on top. May require further thought. I’ve been eagerly watching the cool Lego releases and announcements during ComiCon this week – the DeLorean set looks great!

Improv Comedy

Not much last week but this week is going to be ker-azy. We have Susan Messing up (from Chicago) to do a heap of training with us (Mon-Wed) with a show on Wed, then the improv jam as usual on Thursday and the Glee show on Friday. That’s five days back to back. I already desire sleep. It will be awesome though. We’re chucking a new player into the mix on Friday as well, as much of the performance team has callously fucked off to do other things this month.

Media Intake


I’ve finished The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle. I enjoyed it – it is a genuine oddity and I can see how they made such a mental animated film out of it. When I got to the end I noticed there was still another 40% of the ebook to go. That contained a sequel of sorts to the original – it’s quite pleasant but didn’t really add much to my enjoyment of the book. Then there’s who knows how many pages of interview at the end. I skipped that bit – I’m not a huge fan of these DVD special features in books. It may sound terrible, but it’s the book I want to read, not the author talking about the book.



We finally caught this on Film4 (at the insistence of Martin). It’s brilliant. Watching a man with clear delusional behaviour becoming a frighteningly violent vigilante superhero was at turns funny, shocking and very sad.


Events and Excitement

MissImp and Friends and Messing With A Friend – Wednesday 24th July

7.30pm at The Corner, Nottingham.
Featuring the Fisticuffs team and Susan Messing’s show.

MissImp in Action – Friday 26th July

8.30pm at The Glee Club, Nottingham.
High energy improvised comedy show.


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