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Lego Blog: Steampunk Squad

Arrival ShotSteamy Steamy Punk

Steampunk still delights me in all of its variations in literature, toy and film forms. It still has a way to go in film I think, though Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow, Hellboy and Pacific Rim certainly rock the stylistic elements (I admit Sky Captain lacked something in the acting department) but we still don’t get enough airship and brass for my tastes.

There’s cool steampunk stuff throughout the Lego world though, plus there’s the advanced builders range coming out soon (which I shall never see in the UK), especially in the minifigures. I’ve been gathering minifigs for a while, and the older Lego Adventurers and newer Lego Monster Fighters have everything I could want. It was time for me to toss them into a bucket together.

Heroes in a Cartridge Shell

We’ll start off with the human components of my intergalactic steampunk team. Introducing Carruthers Bonaparte and Captain Constance DiLegend:


Added brutal air support provided by Jane Doe (and yes, that is a double-ended chainsaw borne by a jetpack-toting heroine), and tech support from Doctor Ivander Gechslort.



The Full Nine Quadzoots..?

Diversity’s good news for everyone and this team is no exception… Aermand Feyr and Mister Hexx:


Gyraille and Lieutenant Karr


Steampunk on The Move


You can see all the pictures in glorious colour here on Flickr.

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