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Stuff in the Post: The Monkey and the Mouse: Where’s The Cheese?


I do love getting things in the post, especially stuff I don’t really feel I’ve paid for. Kickstarter gives me that pleasant vibe all the time. Partly it’s because you don’t pay when you sign up to back a project, so it’s already mythical money, and by the time it gets funded and they take your pennies I’ve already forgotten that was going to happen. Oh, and then I forget that I’ve backed it at all until a man hammers on the door and thrusts a parcel into my naked hands.

Local Projects

I spotted this project because a friend shared it on Facebook and I noticed the artist was local – a Mr Kev Brett of Nottingham. I like supporting local activities but I’m lazy so doing it online is marvellous. Kev’s been doing a webcomic for ages called The Monkey and The Mouse and was simply seeking to get it printed and lovely. I like his style of art – for want of a better description it’s very smooth and curly. It looked like a fun little comic and I was happy to back it.

I was hoping to go and meet Kev at Nerdcon in Nottingham this month, but family emergencies kind of took over. A shame; I would have liked a nice scribble in the front and the chance to say “hi”.

I have the cheese


That said I’m thrilled with the rewards – oddly the mug arrived first, in a box on its own with no note or anything. A proper surprise package! Since I’m a man over the age of 30 I already have more mugs than I can ever possibly need in several lifetimes but it’s on the front of the heap so it’s currently my breakfast tea mug. I am happy with its tea holding properties.

Then the comic itself arrived. The cover art is also on the mug and on the A4 card poster that came with the comic. The colours positively glow. The comic itself is a delightfully clean black and white throughout and I found a nice little personalised doodle and note inside. Oh – and badges! We love badges and these are charming buttons which will soon be added to the badge wall before being arbitrarily assigned to a jacket or hat. This weekend is presenting a fine opportunity to sit down and read the comic.

Kickstarter project

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